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Sharing my workout routine that includes John Benton workouts that I do at home. I'm also sharing equipment, answering your FAQs, and sharing my results!

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If you’re following me on Instagram and watch my stories (which I hope you are!) then you’ve probably seen my morning workouts. I often do time lapse videos that I share in fast motion so you all can get a glimpse into my workout routine. I have gotten tons and tons of questions about my workouts that I try to answer as I get, but I figured it would be best to talk all about my workout routine, what I do, the equipment I use, and some FAQs all in one place. That way it’s easy to look back on and share with you all!

Sharing my workout routine that includes John Benton workouts that I do at home. I'm also sharing equipment, answering your FAQs, and sharing my results!


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You all have probably seen me tag John Benton in my weekly workout stories. If you’ve read my post about tips for slimming down your hips or my go to ab workout, then you’ve heard me sing John Benton‘s praises before. His brand and Instagram name is ‘John Benton Model Fitness‘ but don’t let that fool you. His workouts are not just for models– obviously, since I’m not one. Women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and professions do his workouts. He specializes in hip and waist reduction, which has made him famous all over the world for working with models to meet their (and their agencies) goals.

John is my trainer who teaches group classes here in Dallas. He also launched his website last year where his workouts are available for purchase. That way, girls all over can do his workouts if they can’t make it down for a class. The workouts are PDFs that you can access on the go and there are also videos you can look at to see the proper form for each of the moves included.

John teaches you small modifications to workouts and moves that work on full body toning, without bulking you up. You avoid using your hip flexors in his classes and skip out on moves like squats or lunges, because they tend to build muscle and make you bigger.

I started working with John shortly after I got engaged, almost three years ago. I’ve gone to him or done his workouts at home on and off since then. Before our wedding and over the last four months are the times I’ve been the most consistent and pushed myself the most and in turn, seen the biggest results. I’ve lost an inch and a half off of my hips, have gone down a full jean size, and truly have never felt better. I am progressing more towards my personal goal of having a long and lean body that is fit and toned, without being bulky. I enjoy the workouts and don’t get bored doing them because there is an endless combination of moves and order in which I can do them. I am 100% sticking to his method and can’t wait to continue to see results!

Sharing my workout routine that includes John Benton workouts that I do at home. I'm also sharing equipment, answering your FAQs, and sharing my results!

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You can definitely do these workout moves on the go with no equipment other than your body weight. However, for more consistent workouts at home or in the gym, there is some equipment that is good to have. I’m rounding up all of it for you all to shop below!


I use an extra thick workout mat because otherwise my tail bone gets bruised doing crunches on the floor or my hip bones end up hurting. We use two pound ankle weights and four pound dumbbells. I often jump rope in place, but when I do I use this jump rope which has the cutest rose gold handle detail. The core cushion helps you really stretch your abs out when you do stretch and crunch moves to help you get more of that ab crack, too. I think bluetooth headphones are a must so you aren’t having to deal with cords and I live by this water bottle that tracks my water intake throughout the day. I use this exercise step without the extra height underneath it. The TRX equipment is the priciest, but I am obsessed with it for helping with that stubborn bra fat area and for doing arm and back exercises.

Sharing my workout routine that includes John Benton workouts that I do at home. I'm also sharing equipment, answering your FAQs, and sharing my results!

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I’ve rounded up a bunch of FAQs I get about my workouts that I post including a bunch that you all submitted in one of my question boxes on Instagram stories. If your questions isn’t answered below feel free to leave a comment, DM me, or e-mail me and I’ll answer it + add the question below. They aren’t in any real order, as I just added them in and answered them as I got the questions in!

How long are your workouts?

I generally try to workout for around an hour.

How many different workouts do you do?

The individual moves are sort of endless. There are tons of different ways to do them. I combine them into different sets each time so my workouts are always different! This helps me not get bored.

Do you follow a nutrition program along with his workouts?

I generally try to eat healthy and not load up on protein,  but I do allow myself splurges as i see fit. I do a Whole 30 every January and sometime in August each year, but otherwise don’t try to ‘diet.’ I’m more into lifestyle changes like the only dairy I eat is cheese, I don’t drink beer, and I try to limit sugar and gluten. I also stopped eating meat and eat mostly a pescatarian or plant based diet when cooking at home.

Do you do any other cardio outside of the workouts you post?

Cardio is not my favorite.  You can read about my struggle with cardio, but outside of taking my dogs for walks with maybe a minute or two of jogging here and there on a pretty day, I just do what you see in the workouts. I’ve always wished I could be a runner!

Have you always been a morning workout person?

Absolutely not. l switched to morning workouts in mid 2017. I was working out in the afternoons after work, but would often skip them if I had a blog shoot, an event, or blog work to get finished. If I got held up at work late or needed to run some errands I would sometimes not make my workout, so I switched to mornings. It’s been an adjustment, especially because I have to be at work pretty early so I get up at 5:00, but I prefer it. I like getting my workouts done first thing in the morning. I’m going to work on a whole post about the benefits and pros about it! I wish I could get up at 6:00 to do it instead, but such as life!

What gives you motivation?

I’m going to work on a full blog post about staying motivated to workout, but really it is the biggest anxiety relief for me. It’s my time for myself to do something for my body, to push myself, and to make improvements.

Have you noticed a difference in your body?

Absolutely! John’s workouts have completely transformed my body. I gain all of my weight in my legs and hips and he has helped me slim those areas, and all areas of my body down. His workouts are all meant to make you long and lean and to tone you up, without creating bulk. I’ve noticed SO much positive change and can’t wait to continue to see progress as I continue to be consistent.

Do you work out every day?

No. I wish! I workout between three and six days a week. I try to stay active enough that my ‘move’ calories tracked on my apple watch averages out to 500 calories per day each week.

Do you do a John Benton workout every day you workout?

This is what I do most often! I’ll occasionally go to yoga (if you’re in Dallas @kttheyogi is my favorite teacher), go for walks, or will do a video from Amanda Kloots.

Do you get a kick back from sharing John’s workouts or is there a link I can purchase through to give you credit?

Not at this time! I just genuinely love his workouts. Up until starting in 2019, I’ve always paid for his classes that I go to. Now, when I do go I am posting about them in exchange for the class. John also gave me access to his online workouts in exchange for sharing about them. Otherwise, I don’t receive any commission or a portion of sales or anything.

Do you have a discount code for John’s workouts?

Not currently, I’m sorry!

Which watch do you use?

I use this watch which is a rose gold 48mm third generation Apple watch. I’m going to write a whole post about my Apple watch and how I use it soon. When I do his workouts I do an open goal in Functional Training.

Are your workouts always full body or are some days focused on individual body groups?

John’s workouts are full body workouts that work all areas of your body. I don’t do a specific ‘arm’ or ‘leg’ day when I workout.

Is his workout plan and consultation worth the money?

I did not pay for either, as I’ve been going to him for awhile and have consulted with him through that and as I mentioned above he gave me access to the workout PDFs online. However, I did pay for his classes for year and feel they are absolutely worth it. I have seen amazing results and love the workouts!

How do I sign up to go to John’s class in Dallas?

You can reach out to him via Instagram or through his website. He does classes when he travels to NYC, LA, and other cities which he always posts about on social media.

Is there an optimal amount of times per week to do the John Benton workouts to see results?

I’d say that it depends on your body type. The past few months I have been working out any where from 3-6 times a week depending on the week. As with anything, you’ll see the best results with consistency!

What do you eat before/after your workouts?

I usually workout first thing in the morning so I don’t eat before. I don’t think I realize I’m awake until I’m already through the workout. John teaches you not to load up too much on protein before/after workouts because you aren’t trying to build bulky muscles. You can consult with him for more information on what to eat!

Would it be safe/effective post pregnancy?

Always consult with your doctor about workouts before or after pregnancy. I do see women in his classes who are pregnant or who have recently had babies and they are doing the workouts with needed modifications!

How much does the John Benton program cost?

The workouts online are $100 per PDF or he offers different packages of workouts and/or consultations. You can find more info on his website. His group classes in studio are $25/class, so in my opinion buying one workout that you can do anywhere and as many times as you want being equal to four in-person classes is a reasonable deal. Just depends on how you look at it!

How do I know how to do the exercises?

If you buy the PDFs online each exercise has a video you can watch to know how to do the move. If you are local in Dallas or are located in a city John travels to then you can go to some of his classes to learn them! Even though I’ve been doing his workouts for a long time, he always gives me input on how to improve my form when I’m in the gym with him, which is one of the many reasons I love going when I can.

If I’m just going to start with one workout, which one do you recommended?

I’d do workout one! It’s super targeted for slimming your legs and hips and is a great introductory workout into John’s style of workouts.

How long have you been doing his workouts?

I’ve been doing John’s workouts for a little over two years. I’ve taken weeks (or maybe even months) off at a time, have only done little thirty minute workouts for some time, etc. The last four months have probably been my most consistent with doing his workouts and pushing myself the most and in turn, when I have seen the biggest results. I also saw great results just before our wedding, but I was really motivated and very conscious of what I was eating during that time.

How do you get ready so quickly for work after your morning workouts?

I don’t always wash my hair and my just throw some dry shampoo in it and blow dry the sweat out (just being honest) after rinsing off or I may just leave my hair up in a pony tail or messy bun. I can also do my whole makeup routine in about ten minutes when I need to, so I can get typically get ready quickly without a problem. I don’t like to rush, so I give myself about 45 minutes or so in the morning. The mornings I do need to wash my hair I am rushing around a bit more trying to ensure I’m ready on time.

How do you do all those sets in an hour?

The workouts on John’s site are set up for between sixty and ninety minutes. I do an open sixty-ish minute workout and just finish my last set before I stop. Sometimes I end up around fifty to fifty-five minutes and sometimes I go over sixty. It just depends! Like anyone, some days I accomplish better workouts than others. I figure they are all better than nothing though!

Sharing my workout routine that includes John Benton workouts that I do at home. I'm also sharing equipment, answering your FAQs, and sharing my results!

Tank // Sports Bra // Leggings // Sweatshirt // Shoes


Going forward, I’m aiming to stay consistent with John’s workouts. As with anything, consistency is key. I’ve seen the best results when I am consistent and am so excited to see more of the progress I can make while continuing to do his workouts. I love going into his studio when I can, but also really enjoy being able to do his workouts at home on my own schedule and with minimal equipment. I have so much more to improve on and a long way to keep going, but I’ve come so far doing his workouts

I hope this post helped provide some insight into my workout routine, John’s workouts, my equipment and that all of your workout related questions were answered! If not, feel free to comment below or reach out to ask me yours! If you start John’s workouts, please let me know. Message me or tag me in your workout or fitness posts. We can help hold each other accountable and I’d love to connect.

Be sure to check out my winter activewear guide to get all the cute new workout gear to motivate you.

Happy exercising! XO


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