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Secrets to slimming your hips via A Lo Profile


Another Monday, another week. I love the beginning of a new time frame. It’s the perfect opportunity to start over, make some positive changes, or have a fresh perspective. This will be my first full week back at work, so I’ll be all about getting back into the routine and making healthy changes. While I skipped out on my usual back-to-school Whole 30 since I just did one before our wedding, it doesn’t mean I want to start back to work on the wrong foot. Recently, I shared about my struggle with cardio and how I was going to start upping my game to get consistent cardio back into my life. That is going well so far and I’ll have a full update for you, soon! Today for a little motivation Monday I wanted to share some tips for slimming down your hips.

One of the questions I keep getting is what I did before our wedding to get in shape.  In the time leading up to our wedding, I shared some workouts on here (like this one) that had a few modifications I learned to help me reach my biggest goal, which was to slim down my hips.  My friend, Katie who models and teaches yoga here in Dallas, brought me to her trainer, John Benton to help me reach this goal. I’ve shared about John on here before (see this post), but if you haven’t heard me mention him, know that his nickname is the ‘hips whisperer.’ You can read more about him here and here, but John is the Dallas modeling community’s go to guy when it comes to slimming down hips. He taught me so much that I could take from his classes and incorporate into my workouts that I do at home. I typically workout on my own at home, so this was perfect for me! Most of his workouts are things you can do with little to no equipment, too which I love. While I definitely struggled with cardio leading up to my wedding and felt like I should have done wayyyy more, I did slim my hips down two inches and even ended up in a smaller pant size. I can only imagine my progress if I was working out more often and incorporating more cardio! This is why I avoid scales so often, because when I did weigh, I didn’t lose a crazy amount of weight. My measurements just changed and the amount of body fat I had decreased, which are more of my goals rather than a number on a scale.

Just like diets and routines, workouts aren’t a one size fits all sort of thing. What works for one person may not work for everyone. However, through the process I learned some things to avoid in order to get me towards my goal. I’m still avoiding these things today! I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that progress is slow and steady. It took me months and months of changed habits to notice even the smallest difference. I really believe that small changes over time make the biggest impact  and that these tips will help you get there! I don’t work out two hours a day ever, let alone five or six days a week like many of John’s clients, so I had to remind myself that along the way. Between my day job and my blog, there are some days I consider a twenty or thirty minute workout a huge accomplishment. Stay the course and know that these changes will help you reach you over time if your goal is to slim down your hips and you’ll get there!

Secrets to slimming your hips via A Lo Profile

  • Stop doing squats
  • Stop doing lunges
  • Avoid the stair master
  • Skip out on the elliptical
  • Don’t turn up your resistance in spin classes or just stop going
  • Don’t walk/run on an incline over 1.0
  • Avoid a ton of protein after your workouts

You are probably wondering how you’ll tone your legs and booty without doing squats, lunges, etc. Buy yourself a pair of ankle weights and do small exercises that isolate the muscles. This will help tone, without building muscle or making you bulky. If your goals aren’t to slim your hips and you love a more curvy body, then these tips probably aren’t for you and you can squat and stair master your little heart out. Everyone has different goals, so you just have to do what will help you reach yours! I aim for a long and lean body, so the tips above have helped me get closer to that goal.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water! You can also try switching out your coffee for green tea. You won’t be able to whip yourself into better shape if you are dehydrated.

Hopefully this helps those of you that have been reaching out and asking for some tips! If you have any other questions, I’m happy to try to answer what I can, but just remember I am not a trainer. I am just passing on what I learned and what I noticed helped me! I know that continuing the workouts and avoiding these things like I did before our wedding, along with now adding in cardio, will only help me continue to maintain the progress I’ve made and over time, hopefully see even better results! I always think there is room to improve and am constantly setting new goals, so for me, its all about progress, not perfection.

Hope you all have a great start to your week! Remember to never miss a Monday workout. XO


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  1. 8.25.17
    kellie said:

    what size ankle weights?? thanks!!

    • 8.25.17
      Lauren said:

      Hi! I use 2.5 pounds, but I think anything between 2 and 3 is great! XO

  2. 8.31.17
    Scarlett said:

    Read the do-not-s. What about the do-s? I am only running these days on 0 incline but it is not helping. Thanks for any tip you can share.

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