Sharing why I'm trying to be more plant based, how I feel since I've cut back on product, what I'm eating instead, and reasons for my decisions.


Sweatshirt // Jeans (also here) // Shoes // Bag

I’ve mentioned here and there on Instagram stories and in some previous recipe posts that I’ve been trying to eat more plant based. I started this change rather Read More

Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!

When I first did the Whole 30 about six years ago, it was relatively unknown still. There weren’t cookbooks and dedicated blogs and there definitely weren’t many ‘approved’ premade food items. I Read More

Girls in Sequin dresses having a pizza party

To stay in or go out? I feel like this is the age old weekend question (as in literally, the one you ask yourself as you get older) and especially one we ask on New Years Eve. Sometimes, it can be more of a hassle than Read More