A LO PROFILEHiiiii and thanks for stopping by A Lo Profile! My ‘About Me’ is so you can get to know the voice behind the blog. I’ve written a FAQ post and will be doing more as I get in more questions, so stay tuned for more!

I’m an early-thirty-something year old based in Dallas, Texas. A few things I love that you’ll see and read about often on A Lo Profile include: travel, fashion, dogs, food, cooking, beauty, health and wellness, music, photography, and Psychology. I am a balanced life enthusiast and am big on finding inspiration on the little things in life!

I developed this lifestyle blog as a creative outlet and as a place to share my interests. Why ‘A Lo Profile’? My family has always called me LaLa, my close friends call me LMo, and those who meet me and hear my name often call me Lo, a common nickname for Lauren. I want the information I share to be an inspiration source for anyone who may stumble upon it, so I thought the name A Lo Profile would best suite all readers, including those I may never have the pleasure of meeting.

By day, I do psychological testing for children with special needs including ADHD, Autism, and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders. I absolutely love my career. It challenges me and creates such valuable perspective in my life. However, in my off time, I enjoy hobbies that allow me to exercise creativity in different ways and that provide a bit of a distraction from the stress that often comes with my field. I work for the Special Education Department of a school district, so I am lucky to have a similar schedule of students in school, which gives me a little more time off than a typical full time job may allow. You can read more about what a day in my life looks like here.

What you’ll find on A Lo Profile: Fashion, Food + Drink, Beauty + Health, Travel & more. I want this to be a reflection of what inspires me and fills my spare time, in hopes that I can inspire you!

My goal is that A Lo Profile gives you with a glimpse into my life as it evolves and provides you with inspiration for your every day life so that we can learn and grow together!

Thank you for stopping by!



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  1. mary friesen Reply

    Hi Lauren,
    Just passing by here, your commentary is great ! I love your camera and I love those RIPPED Jeans !! So super cool ! Keep celebrating !

    Mary Friesen

  2. Hey Lauren! I just stumbled upon your IG and blog and read you’re also a school psych. I am a first year LSSP in Houston and man oh man is this job tough and unpredictable. Do you have any advice, resources, or just words of encouragement you’d like to share? Thanks!

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