10 Reasons to Get a Dog

If you have been following me for any stretch of time, then you probably have noticed how much we love our dogs. They are our children & we could not be more obsessed with them. We are celebrating both of our dogs’ birthdays today, so I figured it would be the perfect time to share 10 reasons to get a dog. If you’ve been looking for a sign to get a dog, consider this it!

Sharing 10 reasons to get a dog in honor of my two fur children's birthdays today. If you've been looking for a sign to get a dog, this is it!

We got our first dog, Maddie almost four years ago in 2016 & our second, Olive around Thanksgiving of 2019. Both of our dogs are adopted & we are very passionate about animal rescue. They are both true mutts, which we love because they are truly one of a kind. Since both of our dogs are adopted, we aren’t 100% sure of their birthdays. Maddie was about eight weeks old when we got her & they estimated her birthday was April 15th, so that is what we have always celebrated. They guess that Olive was about seven months old when we adopted her, although they weren’t really sure. We decided we’d just make it easy & celebrate both of their birthdays on April 15th. So, Happy Birthday to my sweet fur babies, Maddie & Olive!

10 Reasons to Get a Dog

If you’ve been looking for a sign to get a dog & spending months on end at home hasn’t been reason enough, I thought I’d share 10 reasons to get a dog today. I feel like I could list a hundred, but we’ll start with the 10 big ones!

  1. They offer companionship. Whether you live alone or with others, a dog offers companionship for you. They are always there & are so excited to see you come home! I never feel ‘lonely’ at home if my dogs are there. When Charles used to travel for work it was so nice to have a companion. If you want to go for an outdoor run or walk, go to the park, or go work outside at a coffee shop, your dog can go with you & provide a sense of comfort. If you do live alone, I can think of NO better roommate! 
  2. They help reduce depression & make you happier. This is proven. Countless studies have been done that show dogs help with depression & really do make people happier. Knowing that someone is always happy to see you & that you do always have a friend there for you. No matter what kind of day you are having, your animal is just happy to be around you. They can sense when you are sad or angry & want to be there to make you feel better.

  3. They boost your immunity. Dogs carry in things from outside on their paws & fur, which is proven to help boost your immunity as you gradually exposed to it. This helps you not get sick as much! Studies have been done with children who have dogs in their homes & they are less likely to get sick than children who do not. Same goes for adults! 

  4. They keep you active. Dogs love to play & get exercise, so naturally they encourage you to do the same. Taking your dog for a walk each day is a great way to get yourself moving! Even just going in the back yard & throwing the ball around for them is a good way to get up & do something other than sit on a computer or watching TV.

  5. They are endless entertainment. Two makes this even more true than one, but even with one, you will be constantly entertained by them. Charles & I have said so many times while in quarantine that our dogs have kept us smiling because of all the funny things they do. They don’t realize anything odd is going on, they are just glad we are home so much. The two of them playing with each other, with their toys, & interacting with us makes us laugh all day long! 

  6. They make you more responsible. Things totally shifted once we got a dog. We couldn’t be gone from home for hours on end, as we had a dog at home to care for. Truth be told, we loved having a reason to spend more time at home. You are the only person there to feed them, give them water, ensure they get exercise, & give them attention, so it’s essential that you become more responsible, which is a great thing! It’s so good to not just think of ourselves. I think getting a dog with a significant other can show you so much about them taking responsibility on, team work, & communication– especially before an even bigger commitment, like having kids! If you already have kids, animals can be a great way to teach them responsibility, too.

  7. They offer protection. Having a dog has been shown to be a better deterrent to a break in than cameras or alarms. I love having dogs, because they have this sense about danger & will bark at those they are unsure about. If someone was going to try to break in to our house or do something, they would likely scare them off or protect us if anything did happen. Having dogs made me feel so much more safe when Charles used to travel for work! 

  8. They provide a sense of purpose. You’ve probably seen the meme that says ‘I work hard so my dog can have a better life.’ It’s true! I’ve read several articles that discuss how some homeless people accredited their dogs to not giving up on life because they felt a duty to ensure they were taken care of. A dog really makes you feel like you have a sense of purpose each day. 

  9. They help teach loyalty & unconditional love. Your dog loves you no matter what, which is such a valuable lesson on uncomditional love. They are the most loyal animals & their worlds are centered around yours. I think these are such valuable lessons! It’s such a sweet, beautiful thing to experience. 

  10. They help reduce anxiety & stress. There is a reason that there are therapy dogs & emotional support animals. I always say that I wish I could have brought my dog to work because I would have felt so much less anxious when stressful situations arose. They can sense when you are stressed. Mine will come & sit right next to me when I am feeling this way at home. Your dog becomes family & truly can make any where feel like home. I included dogs on my list of positive ways to deal with anxiety because I swear it has been one of the most helpful things for me! 

Sharing 10 reasons to get a dog in honor of my two fur children's birthdays today. If you've been looking for a sign to get a dog, this is it!

Have I convinced you that you need a dog yet?! Hopefully these 10 reasons to get a dog will make some of you pull the trigger. In case you do decide to get one, I’m including a few of the things we have for Maddie & Olive at home & love below.

Also, please, please, PLEASE consider adoption! There are dogs of every age & breed available so you can definitely find the right one for your family. If you are Dallas based, we rescued Maddie from DFW Rescue Me & Olive from Dallas Street Dog Advocates. East Lake Pet Orphanage is another great one. You can also always check out your local animal services or SPCA. If you need help finding a rescue organization in your city, please reach out to me. I’m so happy to help! XO


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