5 Simple Ways I Prioritize My Health Daily

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that health & wellness are very important to me. From almost daily movement to balanced & intuitive eating to caring about what ingredients are in the products I use, I really believe that health is wealth. I believe you can invest in your health now, or you’ll pay for it (literally) later. Today I am chatting more on my health is wealth mindset & sharing 5 simple ways I prioritize my health daily.

Sharing 5 simple ways I prioritize my health daily & more on Meology, a vitmain brand I have been taking & loving to help keep me healthy.

5 Simple Ways I Prioritize My Health Daily

  1. A consistent morning routine. I need to write an entire blog post on my step by step morning routine. I am passionate about starting my day off on a good note. Whatever you do first thing, make sure you take some time for you. Read a quick meditation book (I love The Daily Stoic & they also have a short daily podcast), do your skincare routine, engage in grounding, open your windows, & wait to pick up your phone. How you start your day is so important! There is a reason that the old saying talks about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Tweak your routine as needed, but come up with one & prioritize it!
  2. Drink Water. There is truly no better cure-all. Water is our single greatest need both for physical & mental health. If you increase your water intake, you will undoubtedly see positive benefits. Whether you set an alarm to chug a bit each hour, use a water bottle that helps you stay on track, or use an app to send you reminders– make sure you get your water in each day. I aim for 100 ounces each day, but starting with 64 & going up from there is great.
  3. Take Vitamins. I have been consistently taking vitamins & supplements for years. It is so important to ensure we get in all of the nutrients we need with our modern diets! Particularly this year, with the importance of our immune systems working at an all-time high, having supplements in your life is so important to stay healthy. You all may remember seeing me on a recent trip talking on Instagram stories about how I had so many different bottles of vitamins to keep up with. Several people recommended I try a vitamin subscription service that personalizes what I need in one packet & I am so glad I did. I have been trying Shaklee’s Meology vitamins & am loving the convenience & personalization. I’m so excited to be sharing more about them below!
  4. Move. Daily movement is so important for the mind, body, & soul. I specify movement & not exercise or a workout because it’s different. Movement can be a 5-minute yoga flow or walk around the neighborhood, where a workout may be viewed as something longer or more intense. I make time for some sort of intentional movement each day & it is so powerful! There are so many great apps that have short videos that you can fit into your day no matter how much time you have & no equipment is needed. Our bodies are meant to move. I love to move early or first thing in my day because I feel like it helps get the stale energy moving & I can process everything better! No matter when you do it, just make time to move each day.
  5. Disconnect. We are so connected these days that it is so important to have some intentional time where we are off of our phones & away from our screens. I love to lay in bed with my feet up on the wall (it helps with circulation & inflammation) for a few minutes before bed. I also love to read or just breathe! I charge my phone in the next room so it’s not a temptation, but regardless, put it down & take some time away from it before you call it a night. Eat lunch with no technology. Walk around the block & just take it all in. Whatever you do, try to find 5-10-15 minutes a day where you disconnect. It will do wonders for your mental state!

Sharing 5 simple ways I prioritize my health daily & more on Meology, a vitmain brand I have been taking & loving to help keep me healthy.

More on Shaklee + Meology

Above I mentioned the Meology vitamins I’ve been taking & loving as a part of my wellness routine & one of the 5 simple ways I prioritize my health daily. Shaklee created Meology, which I am so excited to share more about with you all today. Meology is the science-backed supplement plan that’s made just for you. It’s powered by 100 years of Shaklee research & experience, delivered right to your door in your own personalized daily-dose packs. It all starts with a few questions so they can get to know you. I took the quiz myself and then got my personal vitamin packs delivered directly to my doorstep!

There are three main factors that make Meology different. 1) They are safe. To guarantee the purity & potency of their products, we perform over 100,000 quality tests annually. 2) They are proven. Their supplements are backed by over a century of innovation, 100+ patents & patents-pending, & more than 100 published scientific studies. 3) They provide a guarantee. They stand behind every product with a 100% money-back guarantee—no questions asked.

Essentially, Meology is a custom vitamin pack that you easily grab off & take each day. It’s personalized for your needs & lifestyle, which is so important. No more carrying around all of your different vitamin bottles & trying different kinds & brands to find what works. Since taking the vitamins, I have been able to trash my dozens of separate vitamin bottles, have seen a boost in my energy & am seeing skin & nail benefits as well which you guys know I love.

Another reason Shaklee is amazing? In 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral Certification & totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net-zero impact on the environment. Meology continues Shaklee’s commitment to the environment with packaging made entirely of recyclable and compostable materials. This is so important!

I hope you all found the 5 simple ways I prioritize my health daily to be helpful & that you loved learning more about Meology by Shaklee. I definitely recommend you all head to their site & take your quiz to find out what they recommend for you! If you decide to try it out, use the code LAUREN10 at checkout for a discount! Remember, it’s a money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I am here to help & if I don’t know the answer, I will find out for you. This year, more than ever, it is so important to make our health a priority!


Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. 

Thank you so much to Meology by Shaklee for sponsoring this post. Sponsored posts like these help make A Lo Profile possible. As always, all opinions are my own.


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