7 Tips for Getting Back on Track After Vacation

7 tips for getting back on track after vacation whether you were gone for a long weekend or a two week trip there is some good advice for everyone!

You all may have seen via Instagram that I just spent the past ten+ days traveling. I travel often, both with my husband & with girlfriends. I recently shared 5 tips for traveling with your significant other & today, as I work on getting things back in order after being gone for several days, I’m sharing 7 tips for getting back on track after vacation. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s important. I’ve learned what works through trial & error over the years & thought this could be beneficial for you all when trying to get back into a routine.

7 tips for getting back on track after vacation whether you were gone for a long weekend or a two week trip there is some good advice for everyone!



Depending on how long you were gone, you may have a lot waiting on you when you get home. Whether it’s house work, errands, catching up on e-mails, or all of the above it can really provoke your anxiety to think of everything you need to do. I like to make a list of everything that comes to mind & then prioritize. I include everything from unpacking & laundry to what errands I need to run. This helps me see everything & then focus in on what needs to get done first.


Don’t put off unpacking. No matter when I get home, I get everything out of my suitcase & put them away. Not only do suitcases give my dog anxiety (anyone else?) they just leave you feeling like you have something to do. If you get home super late & just want to hit the hay, at least unpack first thing the next day. It will trigger your brain that you’re home & done living out of a suitcase for the time being. Even if I have back to back trips, I still unpack & put my suitcases away (or at least in another room out of sight) so that I can enjoy home distraction free while there.


Restock your fridge with healthy foods! Chances are when you’re traveling, you are indulging & eating a lot more indulgent foods. I have a few of my go to recipes that I crave when detoxing or I try to look up some new ones to try that will get me excited about eating healthy again! I also love to make sure I have some healthy snacks like RX bars, & almonds on hand.


Look at your prioritized list & see where you can get help. I love to book our maids to come when we’re out of town so we come home to a clean house. If there are any errands you need run look into delivery services that might be available to you & consider using it.

One of my favorite things to do is to order my groceries to be delivered so I have healthy food waiting on me when I get home or shortly after arriving without having to run out to the store. Walmart Grocery Pickup allows you to either select pick up or delivery depending on your location. This saves so much time! My husband & I will look through the app together & figure out what we want for meals for the week & often place our oder in the airport on the way home. It’s SO easy to use. 1) Download the free app to shop or shop online here. 2) Select your delivery or pick up time frame. 3) Pick up your order (you can let them know you have arrived in the app) or wait for it to be delivered. 4) Go on about your life! Whether you’re trying to get back on track after a vacation or just have a busy day or week, online grocery shopping saves SO much time & stress.

You can take $10 off your first order of $50 or more with code: M2A3DZ3F on walmart.com/grocery or download the app to order & redeem the code. The offer is good for any first time customers & is good until 01/31/2020.


I often need to get back into the groove so I like to schedule out my workouts for the week whether it’s at home or in pre paid classes so that I don’t skip out on them. My workout routine during the school year includes at home workouts at 5AM before work. Depending on the length of the trip I try to get in some workouts when I’m on the go by bringing my ankle weights or some resistance bands with me, but often times I just enjoy myself & make up for it when I’m back.


I can always use a increase in water intake, but especially after vacation. Nothing helps detox you & gets you back on track more than good ole’ H20. Increase your water intake & rehydreate. You’ll definitely feel better! I love to just fill up a reusable water bottle or enjoy Topo Chico or La Croix. I also love to get back on track with drinking one of my favorite kombuchas each day.


After traveling, even for a few days, it can be nice to have a few days off with no plans. I like to take some time off from going out to eat, happy hours, & events. Cooking healthy food at home, snuggling with the pup & giving her a lot of extra treats, & catching back up on work, sleep, or both takes priority over social events.

7 tips for getting back on track after vacation whether you were gone for a long weekend or a two week trip there is some good advice for everyone!

7 tips for getting back on track after vacation whether you were gone for a long weekend or a two week trip there is some good advice for everyone!



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