7 Ways to Prevent Dull Skin

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to revamp your routine a bit. I change so many parts of my routine with the start of a new season. Whether it’s going for walks later in the day because its too cold in the mornings, switching up my morning caffeine fix, or changing up my skincare routine, the new season is a perfect time for a little change. One issue that is very common in the winter months is dry, dull skin. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I am very passionate about my skin. I believe in skincare > makeup always. I’d rather invest in my skin & really feel good in it as is, rather than feeling like I have to cover it up with makeup. There are so many things that help me feel my best in my own skin & one of them is switching up my routine as the weather, seasons, & my own life changes. Today, I am sharing 7 ways to prevent dull skin with you all to help you get ahead of it before winter hits!

Sharing 7 ways to prevent dull skin to help you ensure that your skin stays glowing, smooth, & moisturized this fall & winter.


7 Ways to Prevent Dull Skin

I am all about prevention when possible, rather than waiting for a problem & then being reactive. This is why you should start adjusting your routine now before the winter & cold months hit! I’m sharing my tips on how to prevent dull skin below.

Hydrate: You had to know this would be on the list! Hydration is key to our skin looking brighter & more even. You can help almost any skincare concern by ensuring that you meet your water intake goals each day. I aim for about 100 ounces each day. If you’re not used to drinking a lot of water, consider getting a water bottle that helps you track it. Before I was in the habit, I had a water bottle that lit up when I needed to drink more & I got notifications on my phone/watch. Hydration is so important to our health, especially when it comes to our skin!

Another way to help ensure that not just your body, but your skin stays hydrated is with a humidifier. Air inside tends to be dry, so it can pull the moisture out of your skin. Think about when you’ve been on a plan a long time! Using a humidifier can add water back into the air & help keep your skin hydrated, too.

Exfoliate: If you are not exfoliating regularly, you likely have a build-up of dead skin cells causing dull skin. Exfoliation is key for helping your skin’s cell turnover rate. It not only helps get rid of dead skin cells but helps get rid of other debris that may find its way on to your skin. I started using Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser & have noticed such a difference in the texture of my skin. I apply the BHA exfoliator daily to my dry skin & then massage it in & rinse with warm water. I use this first thing in the morning! The apricot smell is incredible & instantly wakes me up! You can also apply an even layer & leave it for 5-10 minutes as needed for a deeper exfoliation. It works to dissolve build-up, refine pores, & leave your skin feeling plump & hydrated. A good starting point is to exfoliate two or three times per week. I started doing it every time I washed my hair in the shower & now have worked up to daily exfoliation! How often you exfoliate depends on your skin type.


You certainly know that moisturizing your skin (on top of drinking tons of water) is key to having it be hydrated, radiant, & smooth. But, did you know that the kind of moisturizer you use is key to ensuring you prevent dull skin? I use a lightweight, silicone-free moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). I use one to two pups of the Water-Lock Moisturizer from Tata Harper in the mornings & evenings on my face & neck. One of my favorite parts about this product is that you can use just this & skip your makeup primer! The silicone-free smoothing effect it gives your skin is breathable & leaves it makeup ready. It’s made with orange peptides & pomegranate spheres which smells incredible! I had heard such good things about this product that I included it on my September wishlist. I started trying it just a few days later & am hooked! Tip: Make sure you use a good SPF when using this product. Because of the AHA’s, your skin can be more sensitive to the sun & you may have an increased risk of sunburn. I’m talking more about SPF next!


If you aren’t appropriately protecting your skin from the sun, it can end up being drier & sun-damaged. You can also worsen hyperpigmentation (where are all my fellow melasma girls at?!). SPF is always an important step in any skincare routine! Yes, even in the winter & even if you don’t leave your house. Sun comes in through the windows & you can even see effects from using screens all day. I not only wear SPF every day (& reapply) throughout the day, but I also wear a hat any time I go outside. Even if it is cloudy! My favorite SPF is Glow Screen, which is SPF 40 & gives you a beautiful little glow when you put it on. If you aren’t into the glow, then the Unseen Sunscreen is great.

Another important protection factor is to protect your skin from harmful pollutants found in the environment. Using skincare products with anti-pollution ingredients is so important! Antioxidants help fight the effects of free radicals that can diminish your glow & make you look older than you are. None of us want that, right?! Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Serum includes Vitamin C & AHA/BHA serum which helps to remove dead skin cells & radicals that transform dullness. I use one to two pumps on my face & neck each morning. You can also use it at night! This serum was actually born from their Resurfacing Mask. The mask feels so luxurious & gives you an instant glow! You apply a thick layer on your face & neck & leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can use it up to three times per week! The mask is a best seller because it instantly makes your skin more glowy, refines pores, & makes your skin look softened & smooth.


Did you know that chronic stress actually increases your cortisol in the skin?! This not only increases inflammation, which can worsen skin conditions like acne & rosacea, but it can lead to an uneven & dull complexion. Basically, stress is the enemy. I know saying ‘be less stressed’ is not at all helpful, but consider some of my positive ways to deal with anxiety as a good place to start! We all have little tweaks we can make in our lives & routines that can help us be better equipped when stressful situations do arise. Take a bubble bath, go on a walk, light a candle, listen to an uplifting podcast, or squeeze in a workout! Lowering our stress levels not only helps our skin but our body & our mind.


Massaging your face helps increase blood flow to your face. You don’t have to splurge on a facial but instead, can do it at home yourself. Tools like a jade roller can help you achieve this easily in just a few minutes per day! I love using a cold roller on my skin in the mornings if I notice that I’m a little puffy. Keeping the blood flowing to your face helps ensure your skin doesn’t get dull! Rollers not only increase circulation, but they help bring fresh blood & new nutrients to your skin cells.


Exercise is not only so good for our minds & bodies, but also for our skin! Exercising can help you destress, which I mentioned above is important for helping our skin. It also helps stimulate blood flow, which is necessary for a glowing complexion. Since exercise helps your blood flow better, it helps ensure that your body will function optimally & that nutrients will be evenly distributed all over. This helps keep your body healthy & your skin bright!

Sharing 7 ways to prevent dull skin to help you ensure that your skin stays glowing, smooth, & moisturized this fall & winter.

Several of the products I use for a glowing complexion are by Tata Harper. This is a newer skincare brand for me, so I wanted to share a little bit more about them with you all! They are one of the green & clean skincare brands that was most recommended to me via stories when I asked you all your favorite clean brands! All of Tata Harper’s products are non-toxic & formulated without fillers, which is so important to me. They believe in quality over quantity, which means no mass-produced ingredients. All of their products are 100% free from GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, & synthetic chemicals. If you are needing a little adjustment in your skincare routine, I cannot recommend them enough! If you want to start with just one product, I’d go for the Water Lock Moisturizer. It’s such an amazing product & is perfect for helping you prevent dull & dry skin this time of year!


Thank you so much to Tata Harper & Sephora for partnering on this post. Sponsored posts help make A Lo Profile possible. As always, all opinions are my own.


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