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90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo Profile90s vibes via A Lo ProfileThe 90s called. They want their striped body suit and overalls back. Buttt, they can’t have them. I’m seriously loving that all these 90s vibes are back. Chokers are in my weekly rotation right now, too. I’ll be wearing french braids outside the gym in no time, I’m sure. 

I jumped back on the overall trend the second I saw them come back a year or two ago. I saw SJP wearing some and it was OV (over). I jumped online and found this pair at Free People. The second they arrived I wore them and haven’t stopped since. This pair comes in so many different denim washes– I’m currently eyeing the white pair. Overalls are so versatile and comfortable. I’ve worn them with both heels and flats. Plus, they are practical. I mean a pocket right in your front? I’ve been known to use it as a cup holder when out and about. Lemme tell ya, it works people. 

I threw a body suit under these because 1) I find them extremely comfortable and 2) this one has a low back and I just wasn’t feelin any of my high waisted shorts or jeans this day. Mixing prints makes me realllll happy so I threw on my leopard sneaks to contrast with the stripes.  Don’t be afraid of print mixing, y’all. It gives such an unexpected edge to your outfits. I ended with some good ole’ turquoise jewelry to give the outfit a little color. Plus, like I’ve mentioned previously, I cannot take off this Christina Greene bracelet. The earrings are also by her. I mean, how insanely stunning are these stones?! I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving turquoise so I could not be more happy to have these pieces to continue to wear.

Shop this look below:

This weekend we are headed back up to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Instead of a going to a football game to cheer on our Hogs (it’s an away game) we are going to a wedding. I love going back up to my college town on off or away weekends because I can go to all of my old favorite spots without fighting tons of crowds. Plus, fall in Fayetteville is magic. Stay tuned for pics! The only downside is that Maddie girl isn’t coming and she still isn’t feeling 100%. We took her back to the vet and they are running some tests so we should know what for sure is wrong by this afternoon. I’m a total fur baby mom and have been so worried about my best friend!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. 10.24.16
    Maggie said:

    These overalls look great on you!! Love it!


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