Activewear I Want After Baby

Activewear was some of my most worn clothing items before pregnancy. I’d buy a cute set or pair of leggings & wear them weekly for months. Since getting pregnant, it’s really been about survival mode for what works over the bump. The days of wearing high waisted leggings & crop tops seem like a distant memory. While I know it will be a bit of time before I feel good enough to wear those again, I can’t help but start shopping around for some new active pieces. Having clothing I’m excited to wear helps to motivate me & keep me going, which I know I’ll need when my entire routine is up in the air with a newborn. Today, I’m sharing a roundup of activewear I want after baby.


Below is a shoppable collage of all the activewear I want after baby. This means that you can click on any photo & you’ll be taken to that product’s page where you can shop.

My plan after baby arrives is to continue to go on walks & do Melissa Wood Health low impact movements with some Megan Roup arms & pelvic floor exercises mixed in. I’ll up the intensity of those gradually as I feel good & when cleared by my doctor to do so. Once I’m really feeling good, I plan to get back in to doing some more higher intensity workouts again probably two times a week.

We are turning our detached garage that we never use for parking into a home gym since the spare room we used to use became our nursery. Having a dedicated space at home helps cut down on excuses for getting workouts in! I’ll be sharing more about that project on stories & here when it’s complete. I’ll also take you all along on my PP fitness journey & share as much or as little as you want to see. I’m so grateful that I’ve continued to have the desire to intentionally move my body each day of pregnancy. The habit I created of working out every day for a year helped with this so much! I know it can be hard for so many. Setting aside time & making myself do something has been essential for my mental well being during this time.

LMK if there is anything you all are shopping for now that I can help with or any content requests you may have. I’m here to help you all & want to be sure you’re seeing what you want from me. XO


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