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You all know that we just finished up a renovation, which now means I have a whole new room in our house to decorate. Home decor has been on the top of my shopping list & I’ve found so many good things on Amazon lately. Whether you’re shopping for things to help you get organized, a new scent for your diffuser, or a new kitchen gadget, I’ve got you covered in a fun easy to shop collage full of great Amazon home finds!

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Amazon Home Finds

Below are all of my recent Amazon home finds. To shop any of them, simply click on the photo & you’ll be taken straight to that product’s page where you can shop. I’m also including more about each item below & all of the item names are linked, too.

  1. Marble Tray: I thought this marble tray with rounded edges was so pretty. You could use this in any room in the house!
  2. Salt Cellar: I love having sea salt in a little wood cellar like this! It helps keep it fresh, but also looks so nice out on the counter top so it’s easy to grab.
  3. Wine Opener: We just ordered this electric wine opener for our new bar area. It’s SO easy to use & holds charge for a long time.
  4. Striped Umbrella: I think that black & white stripes are so chic for a patio. This umbrella would be a great touch by a pool or over a seating area outside.
  5. Stain Remover: This Folex stain remover is the best. We have this on hand at all times. It has gotten out so many stubborn stains for us!
  6. Bed Sheets: We have these sheets & they are amazing. They come in tons of colors, are so soft, & are around $40 depending on the size you get.
  7. Candle Lighter: This candle lighter is actually a USB rechargeable lighter. The flexible end allows you to get in to candles to burn them as long as possible without risking burning your fingers.
  8. Kitchen Tools: This kitchen tool set is so cute! I love the white & rose gold color combination.
  9. Lazy Susan: We have these to keep our spices in & love them. I’m going to order more to keep beauty products in!
  10. Throw Pillows: I thought the black & white pattern on these lumbar pillows was so cute.  I’m eyeing them for our new family room either on the couch or on accent chairs.
  11. Coffee Table Book: I don’t have this AD book in our collection yet, but I definitely need to get it. I love the neutral color.
  12. Dish Sponge: I heard these silicon dish sponges are so much more sanitary than traditional ones, so I ordered a few to try. They come in several colors!
  13. Throw Blanket: I have this neutral waffle throw blanket on our outdoor couch & I love it. It is a total steal & comes in several size options. It would look great on a couch or on the end of a bed.
  14. Santal Oil: I bought this santal oil for our diffusers & I am obsessed with the smell. It makes your home smell like a high end hotel!
  15. Gold Planter: I loved the gold ombre accents on this planter. It would look so great with a pothos in it on our new bookshelves!
  16. Fabric Shaver: This fabric shaver is a must have! You can use it on furniture or on clothes. It works to remove all of this little ‘pills’ that form in fabrics over time. This seriously makes our couch look brand new again!

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I hope you all loved seeing my Amazon home finds! Let me know if you like these collage roundups from Amazon & I’ll keep sharing them with you all. They are so fun to put together. I feel like I am hunting for buried treasure & I love it! XO


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  1. 7.16.20

    Thanks for sharing your finds! Love your picks! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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