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It’s no surprise by browsing through my blog or Instagram feed that I am a big fan of neutrals, but blue is the color I wear the most. As far as I’m considered, blue hues are a neutral. I’ve been wearing these sunglasses on repeat since I got them, because I love the little bit of color they add to an outfit. Plus, if you look closely you will see that the frames are white on the sides, which is the perfect touch for Spring or Summer. The price is insanely good at under $25, too! I’m looking for more fun, colored sunnies to brighten up some of my outfits for the warmer months.

If you don’t have a go-to pair of white jeans, then I would for sure grab one of the two I linked above. They are my personal favorites and fit so well. I love having a classic pair and a distressed pair that I can rotate between. I can luckily wear the classic pair to work, but have to save the distressed pair for nights, weekends, and summers off. I’m actually on a hunt for a new distressed pair (anyone else the queen of staining white jeans?!) and have my eye on this pair and this pair. Any white jeans go perfectly with these shoes. The block heel makes them super comfortable, they also come in black, and are currently on SALE!

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I’m in the final countdown until Spring Break! You can just feel it at work because all the teachers, staff, and especially students are ready for a little time off. I’ll have some reports for work to catch up on over the break, but am totally looking forward to some time off to sleep in, relax, and catch up on my to-do list. You may have read last week when I mentioned I was looking into Beyonce’s lemonade diet she did for Dream Girls (aka the Master Cleanse). I’m about 90% sure I am going to do it, as I don’t think I could ever try it and actually go to work, interact with people, and be reallll productive. If I do, I’ll absolutely be writing about it on here and will be sharing thoughts along the way. I’m also going to be getting my first photofacial which I am pumped about! Be sure to follow along on Instastories for some behind the scenes. Oh, and check back tomorrow for possible my favorite shoot to date for something that is ohhh so close to my heart! Can’t wait to share. XO

Photos by: Vanessa from The Retro Penguin


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