Blue Lace Baby

Blue Lace Baby: blue lace dress (that comes in five other colors) and is perfect for so many occasions. Click through to the post on A Lo Profile to shop!

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Blue lace, baby. It’s a must. The color of this dress is so rich and striking, I couldn’t pass it up. You may recognize the style of the dress from this one I wore in red for Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago. This dress comes in FIVE colors (..and counting) and is a great price point for the brand, quality, and versatility of the dress. I wore it dressed up when I styled the red one as I would for a date night or a wedding. Here, I wanted to show it styled another way 1) with an edgy twist and 2) as more of a going out on the weekend for a fun night. I’ve seen this dress styled on it’s own with sneakers to as a casual-cute vacation look and it’s adorable. I LOVE IT. I’m trying to be responsible and resist getting it in a third color, but how perfect would the white one be for wedding events?! Someone please get it in my size and let me borrow.

Speaking of sizing, I’d size down. I wore a small and had to clip the back of it for photos before getting the right size- XS. It still has a little room to breath and isn’t too tight. Which I love! Who wants to feel completely restricted when eating and drinking for date night, a wedding, or justtt a good ole’ Friday night? Not this girl.

Side note: Anyone else ever hear Blue Jean Baby and immediately think of the amazing scene from Almost Famous where they are all on the bus together. I just want to drop everything and sing from the top of my lungs or go home and watch that movie. If you feel the same way, we may be soul sisters. It’s sooo good. I also can’t help but think of Phoebe on FRIENDS thinking that song said “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” hahaha one of my favorite movies and shows of all time.

Shop the look:

anddd grab this dress in all the other beautiful colors by clicking on them below:

Photos by Vanessa from The Retro Penguin


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  1. 2.27.17
    Esther Santer said:

    Love that dress! Looks great on you!

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