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Clothes for a cause via A Lo ProfileClothes for a cause via A Lo ProfileClothes for a cause via A Lo ProfileHappy FRY-DAY! Weekends mean a lot more when you’re working. I have the summer’s off and recently started a new job, so the past two weeks have made those two glorious days off of work even more meaningful. Last weekend was especially exciting, as I got engaged! Even before that occurred, looking forward to the weekends (without wishing time away) means time with my loved ones. After getting Maddie, the sweetest little rescue pup ever from DFW Rescue Me for my birthday, I’ve loved getting to spend the days laying around with her. Recently, we are working on training her on her leash so walks together make each day more fun, but especially on the weekends. I am so glad that we adopted a puppy and it remains unclear who truly rescued who. 

Animals are near and dear to my heart. I melt for them! That’s why the brand who makes my t-shirt seen here, Jungle Cat Tees, caught my attention (and my heart). Their purpose is to make fun shirts without being just another t-shirt company. They use their shop as a way to give back to animals by donating a portion of each sale to animal shelters. They are hoping to boost the care and education that animals receive when in shelters, therefore boosting adoptions so that more of these amazing animals find homes. I know that I never plan to do anything but adopt a pet and want to do all I can to help more! Maddie has brought so much joy into our daily lives and I am so grateful that we have her! You can check out all the adorable t-shirts (including some funny limited edition Olympic ones) on their website. I love clothes for a cause, especially when that cause is animals! You can shop the rest of my look (including a rental option for the neckalce and a look-a-like with a $100 cheaper price tag for my shorts) below.

Maddie also finally has all of her shots, so we plan on taking her to Mutt’s which is a cute dog park + restaurant/beer garden for dogs in Dallas. It’s such a cool idea and is a fun way to spend time with both your friends and some furry friends. If you’re pup obsessed like me and want to spoil your sweet four legged bff, shop some of my favorite dog-related items below. I basically melt for that food/water bowl and the rain coat.

My weekend will also involve shooting some new blog looks and getting some decor for my new office. I work best when everything is organized and has a pleasing aesthetic so I plan to get the office in good shape as soon as possible. Any decor ideas for an office– please send my way! Finally, the rest of my weekend will be spent relaxing. I recently received a fun box c/o of Indigo Beaux, which is a monthly box filled with luxury beauty, relaxation, and skincare products. Speaking of shopping for a cause, a portion of each of their sales goes to the charity RAINN. RAINN is the Nation’s largest anti-sexual violence program, where they help survivors heal, move away from trauma, and feel beautiful again. The beautiful blue box is featured below, as is the items that I received in my box this month. I’m wearing the lipstick they sent today!Indigo Beaux via A Lo Profile

This Friday’s theme is basically help others and if you make yourself feel happier while doing it then that’s an added bonus! 

What are your weekend plans?! Hope all of you have a great one whatever you’re doing!




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