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If you’ve been following me for awhile now, then you may have noticed there have not been as many recipes on the blog lately. I miss sharing them with you all! Reason being that you haven’t seen as many is 1) I haven’t been creating too many new ones lately and just using some of my old healthy favorites and 2) I have been insanely busy. Between my day job as a School Psychologist, blogging, and wedding planning, there are some days I literally don’t even have time to stop until 10PM. There have been weeks when I can’t even get to the grocery store, let alone have a lot of time to cook more in depth recipes.

Enter in HelloFresh. This is a healthy meal delivery service that uses quality ingredients to help you create delicious, healthy meals. You choose your meal plan for the week from the classic, veggie, or family plan and then choose your delivery date. You can pick which recipes you want to try and the best part is that they have chefs working with dietitians each week to come up with new, healthy recipes. Everything is delivered to your doorstep and from there you just have to choose what to cook when and follow the directions to create your meals!  I’ve had a ton of friends try this food delivery service and I was very curious if it was worth all the hype. I love to cook. The process is calming for me and food is a way my family has always shown that they love and care for others. My first hesitation was, will this still be fun?! Will I feel like the meals are still? And also, will it be good? My review on HelloFresh is below! There is also a coupon code so be sure to scroll to the end.

We received three meals: Lemony Pan Seared Chicken, Turkey Chiles Rellenos, and Shrimp Pad See Ew.  My fiancé cooked one on his own, I cooked one on my own, and we did one together. We didn’t mean to do it this way, but its just how our schedules worked out last week. We thought it was so easy to follow the recipe, especially with the pictures. All of the recipes were relatively quick and easy, which I loved for such a busy week. My favorite of the three was the chiles rellenos! You can choose recipes based on difficulty level, also so if cooking intimidates you, then you can choose the easier ones. We feel pretty confident with our kitchen skills, so we choose based on what sounded best to us. Another fun feature of Hello Fresh is that you can go on the site and get wine pairing recommendations for the recipes. I think wine goes hand in hand with cooking (and eating), so I loved that this was an option! I can’t wait to keep checking back for more healthy options for busy weeks. Fingers crossed that more Whole 30 approved recipes are added– I can only imagine how much easier that would make my life!

Hello Fresh meals run about $10/meal. We chose food for two people and it ended up being big enough portions that we had leftovers, which was so nice for taking for lunch the next day!

You can use the code: LOPROFILE30 to get $30 off your first HelloFresh box. The code is only valid for one week though, so hurry! It’s such a great deal and so easy that there really is no reason not to try it! I’m so glad we did and definitely know that we’ll use it again when we have busy weeks. I would love to know your favorite meal when you try it!

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This post was brought to you in partnership with HelloFresh. Sponsored posts like this help make A Lo Profile possible. All opinions are of course, my own.


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