Emmett’s 3 Month Update

I can’t believe Emmett is already 3 months! He actually turned 3 months on October 28th, so it’s been a week or so. He has grown so much! It’s so fun to see them develop more. He is the happiest little soul & is constantly smiling! I haven’t given an update since he was 1 month old, so today I am sharing Emmett’s 3 month update with you all including some products we are loving, his schedule, & more.

Sharing Emmett's 3 month update including some of our fav baby products, his current schedule, sleeping & eating, growth, & more.


I feel like going into 3 months there is so much more that babies do that they didn’t before. He really giggles, can follow objects side to side, hold his head up, & is such a chatterbox making so many different noises & sounds. I’m sharing more of our current fav baby items, his schedule & feeding, & more in Emmett’s 3 month update below.


I shared our baby registry & baby registry must haves & many of you asked if I would continue to update on you our favorites once we he was here. I shared some of our favorites in Emmett’s 1 month update & wanted to share some new favs & some that we are continuing to love here in Emmett’s 3 month update.

Our diaper runs to Target are still going strong. We have continued to use Pampers Swaddlers & love them. He is wearing a size 2 in them now. Not only does Target have the diapers we love, but they also have Water Wipes that we use non stop! I have a pack in the diaper bag, always. We love them because they are fragrance free & only made with water & a drop of fruit extract. They are simple & clean, hypoallergenic, & have no sulfates or parabens.

There are already Baby Holiday Deals happening at Target, which means new deals for baby arriving each week. This week’s deal includes a Free $20 gift card when you spend $100 on select baby essentials like diapers, wipes, & toiletries from 08/29-09/04/2021. Both the Pampers Swaddlers & Water Wipes we love are included! You can save on must have items all month like diapers, wipes, gifting, & other essentials.

Another current favorite is the Sophie the giraffe teether. Emmett has already been showing signs of teething, so we’ll give him this as a replacement for his fingers. This will be on sale later during the Baby Holiday Deals at Target. A few other items that we are really loving right now are: Wubbanub pacifiers, Hatch sound machine, Eufy baby monitor, Cloud humidifier, Boudreaux’s butt paste, & the 4 Moms swing. I said it before & I’ll say it again– I’ve never been more thankful to live so close to not one, but two different Target stores where they carry so many of our baby essentials.

Sharing Emmett's 3 month update including some of our fav baby products, his current schedule, sleeping & eating, growth, & more.


I shared previously that we started a schedule basically in the hospital with Emmett. We follow the Mom’s on Call schedule & will wake him to eat, then do some play time. We follow wake windows & his cues for sleep with tips from Taking Cara Babies to know exactly when to get him back down for naps after play time, but ensure that none of his naps during the day are longer than two hours. If he wakes early from a nap, we do whatever we can to ‘save’ it & try to get him to keep sleeping or at least be minimally stimulated. We’ll wait to feed him until the next scheduled feeding.

Right now Emmett eats at 7:00, 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, & 7:00. He has been sleeping through the night (8+ hours) since he was about 7 or 8 weeks old. He is now sleeping 11+ hours on most nights. He seems to be an early riser & gets up between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. We do our best to push him to 7:00 or as close as possible for his first feeding. I feel like this is going to click so soon & he’ll make it until 7:00 more regularly! We start his bath around 6:00 & try to get him down between 7:00 & 7:30. If he had a good cat nap just before his bath, he may be awake a little longer & go down closer to 7:30. We just follow his cues on this & speed up or slow down our very specific nighttime routine as needed.

Emmett is still getting breastmilk exclusively. Right now Charles does the first bottle of the day & the last so he can for sure have some time with him before those days he goes into the office. This also gives me time to get in a guaranteed workout after I pump on days Emmett gets up a little early! I breastfeed him for all his other feedings.

I know that schedules, sleep training, & feeding are hot topics, so I have it on my to do list to write more in depth posts about each of these. Between diaper runs & feeding this little guy every few hours, my days fill up quick! Stay tuned. I promise I’ll get to them sooner than later!

Sharing Emmett's 3 month update including some of our fav baby products, his current schedule, sleeping & eating, growth, & more.


He doesn’t have another scheduled doctor’s appointment until 4 months old, so we aren’t certain of his current stats. He still had a big head with it in the 95+ percentile last time. He appears to be long & lean because his length was in the 76th percentile, but his weight was around the 50th. He is weighing in well over 13 pounds now! It’s funny because he needs 3-6 month (or closer to 6 month) clothing right now for the length, especially with pants, but they all seem to be big on him other places.

He had his first cold about 2 weeks ago. It seemed to last a full two weeks! He was really congested after the weather changed & after interacting with some older kids. We took him to the doctor & luckily it was nothing more serious than his first little cold. We had to use our electric nasal aspirator all the time on him (highly recommend over the one where you suck the snot out), which he hated. That with saline drops really helped loosen up everything in his nostrils so he could eat better. While he was sick he definitely didn’t want to play as much. He seemed really tired & wanted to rest or nap more & had trouble eating. Feedings were taking way longer & he was eating a lot less. We also used the humidifier in his room & the Frida breathe easy kit + vapor bath bombs which helped a ton. It was so heartbreaking to see him sick! I had to keep reminding myself that this is how babies build their immune systems & get healthy, but it was still so hard. I am so glad he is better now & that it wasn’t anything more serious than congestion.

Sharing Emmett's 3 month update including some of our fav baby products, his current schedule, sleeping & eating, growth, & more.


The last 3 months have flown by! It’s definitely not easy, but it is so worth it. Every smile or giggle makes me forget that I’m tired or that my to do list is a mile long or I have work piling up. Emmett is such a naturally happy, easy-going baby & we say all the time that we feel so lucky & we aren’t sure what we did to deserve him. I am just so smitten with him! Next weekend I am leaving him for my first girls trip with another friend who had a baby back in May. I’m so nervous to leave for a few nights, even though I know he’s in amazing hands with his Dad & fur sisters, but know it will be so good for me. I have to pull the trigger & do it eventually, right!?

Hopefully you all enjoyed reading Emmett’s 3 month recap. I will work on more in depth posts about his schedule, sleeping, & breastfeeding. In the mean time, check out my post comparing the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve & my post comparing the Elviee Pump vs Elvie Stride hands free pumps. If there are any particular posts you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out! I’m here to be the best resource I can be for all of you. XO

Sharing Emmett's 3 month update including some of our fav baby products, his current schedule, sleeping & eating, growth, & more.

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