Evening Routine for an Easier Morning

Evening routine for an easier morning with Quaker

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I am a total Type A Personality when it comes to routines. I thrive off them and do so much better when I know what to do expect so I can plan accordingly. Whether it’s a weekly routine with when I do a blog shoot or when I do a facemask, it’s just easier to keep up with all that needs to get done when you have a plan. I just started back to work after my summer vacation, which has meant getting back into more of a routine. The kids start back at our school this week, so like many of you with kids- that means having a more standard ‘school night’ routine. I believe that a smooth morning is an essential to a good day (see this post on how to become a morning person) and truly, that starts with prepping for your morning the night before. Today, I’m sharing my evening routine for an easier morning.

Evening routine for an easier morning with Quaker

  • Peak and Pit: I do this with everyone from the children at school I do counseling with to my husband each night over dinner. It’s so nice to just think about the best and worst parts of your day and reflect on them. I love connecting with others while doing this.
  • Look over your to do list: see what got done today and what you need to get accomplished tomorrow.
  • Plan your day: when will you workout, what times do you have meetings, and do you have any evening obligations.
  • Pick out your clothes: Check the weather and lay out what you’re going to wear tomorrow. I often dress for my mood in the morning, but like to have a general idea before bed.
  • Prep your breakfast for the morning: as I shared with you all before, I have been a fan of oats for as long as I can recall. Most recently, I tried overnight oats and I am hooked. Quaker has been my family’s go to brand for oats and now they have come out with Quaker Overnight Oats. They are insanely easy and allow you to wake up to a delicious breakfast, with no morning prep required. This is the first time Quaker has created a product solely based on a consumer-driven digital trend. This shows the power of social media and I love that companies like them are listening to what we as consumers want! All you do is pour in your dairy or non-dairy milk of choice (I used an almond-coconut blend) and let your oats cold-steep over night in the refrigerator while you sleep, then voila! You wake up in the morning and your breakfast is ready to enjoy. Quaker Overnight Oats are a mix of oats, other grains, quinoa, flaxseed, fruit, and nuts. They only need to steep for six hours and then they’ll be ready the next morning for you.
  • Shower or take a bath
  • Wash your face & go through your skincare routine
  • Brush & floss your teeth
  • Take any pills or vitamins
  • Start slowly turning down lights around your home as bedtime approaches. This helps your mind adjust and triggers it that it is getting closer to sleep time!
  • Set your alarm, then put your phone across the room or in the bathroom face down. Spend some time reading, talking with your family, stretching, journaling, or something away from electronics. Even five to ten minutes can help!
  • Try not to watch television right before bed. It can stimulate your brain more. If you must (I’m guilty!) then make sure you don’t fall asleep with it on all night. Turn it off or set a sleep timer so the light from the television doesn’t disturb your sleep.

Night Routine for an Easier Morning with Quaker via A Lo Profile


Unwinding a little and having a good balance between time with family and productivity is important. Your night should prep you and leave you feeling ready for a new day tomorrow. Whenever I stick to my routine, I notice that my mornings go so much smoother and that my day gets off to a better start! Hopefully these tips help you, too. XO

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My Wishlist

  1. 9.20.17

    I love to read how other people do their mornings. I love making list because it makes me feel like I won’t forget a thing. I need my coffee to be able to totally function in the morning

  2. 9.20.17
    Lauren said:

    I thrive off of routines as well! I like to plan out my week on a calendar but then set a goal for each day. That way I feel accomplished even in a few tasks!

  3. 9.21.17
    Desiree said:

    I love how simplistic this routine is, but how much it actually does to get you ready for the next day. I definitely need a routine for my family and this gives all kinds of ideas. Thanks for sharing

  4. 9.21.17
    Eme said:

    These are great tips for following a routine, it’s good to have reminders of what you can do for a better morning.

    Eme x


  5. 9.24.17
    Taylor said:

    Wow this came in a time of need! Glad I just stumbled upon it. I love your point about dimming the lights the most. I’ve never thought of that. Adding it to my night routine now!

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