Fall 2019 Splurgeworthy Wishlist

I spent all day & night last Saturday sick at home in bed or on the couch. I binge watched alllll the Netflix & did all the online shopping. I found myself browsing a ton of online stores & doing some online ‘window shopping.’ I like to buy a splurgeworthy item for myself a few times a year & often save for it for a few months before purchasing, depending on what it is. I found a ton of great pieces that I added to my wishlist & thought it would be fun to compile it into a collage & share it with you all. Today I’m sharing my Fall 2019 splurgeworthy wishlist. We all need splurge moments, right?! Or at least good gift ideas for the holidays or occasions. At the very least, it’s fun to dream!


Below is my splurgeworthy wishlist. All of the photos of items are hyperlinked, so you can click on any of the photos & you’ll be taken straight to that item’s product page if you want to shop (or if you are just curious & are window shopping).

Let’s start with bags– my favorite splurgeworthy pieces. They get the best CPW (cost per wear) & if you approach bags the right way they are great investment pieces or pieces you’ll have in your closet forever & can pass down one day. I’ve wanted a Fendi baguette bag since I remember the women of Sex & The City carrying them in EVERY color all throughout the show. I’ve been stalking vintage versions online trying to find just the right color combo & I absolutely fell in love with this one. The clutch in the middle comes in a few colors & is the ‘it’ bag of the season. I’m drooling over this burgundy color, but also love it in classic black & camel, too. There’s a beautiful deep turquoise color, too! I’ve had the belt bag in the bottom right corner on my wishlist for so long, but just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. It’s such a great every day bag!

Next up, sunnies. I love a good pair of splurgeworthy sunnies. They transform any outfit & I’ve started quite the collection. I keep mine for years & years so they also get great CPW! I don’t always splurge on shoes, but when I do it’s a good pair of booties. I’ve also been loving designer sneakers because I wear sneakers so much that I know they would be well worth the splurge.

Designer jewelry, like the classic Chanel earrings & the fun Dior friendship bracelets are such fun pieces to splurge on, too. I love both of these for gift ideas! I’ve been really eyeing the Cartier Love ring to add to my ever growing collection of rings. I may have to drop massive hints to Charles, because if I got one I’d obviously want it to come from my love! I included a Chanel belt because I’ve been wanting a classic black one. I feel like investing in a good black belt is a great idea, because you’ll end up wearing it so many times. I’m not super into the Gucci belts because I feel like they are EVERYwhere, which makes me ‘over’ things. Plus, it’s a little showy to me. The clothing pieces are ones that aren’t TOO crazy, but are things that are definitely outside the normal budget for clothes, but they caught my eye.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Fall 2019 splurgeworthy wishlist! It’s fun to dream or to work hard for something you really want & save up for it! I’m working on my every day wishlist for Fall to share with you all, too. XO


My Wishlist

  1. 9.18.19

    I love the wishlist you’ve put together! You always have the most stylish picks! Thanks for the recommendations! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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