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Happy Friday, friends. I am fully back into my routine after being back at work for two weeks. I’ve gotten up every day Monday-Saturday the past two weeks to work out and am more than halfway through my Whole 30, so I’m feeling pretty darn good. Once school starts, it seems like fall shows up full speed and flies by. That naturally has me stocking my fall wardrobe. One of my favorite things to buy year after year, is booties. I absolutely love fall booties. They are so much fun to style and I always get such good wear out of them. Today for my Friday Favorites post, I am rounding up the cutest fall booties in a variety of price ranges for you all.

To shop any of the items below, simply click on any of the photos and you’ll be taken right to that product’s page.

Per usual in the fall, leopard accessories are trending. I don’t usually wear leopard clothing, but I do love me some animal print accessories. Which pair of fall booties is your favorite? I love so many of them. I want those blue suede ones for a fun statement pair, but also love the every day tan ones!

To add to my Friday Favorites posts, I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite things I stumbled on during the week. This could be a product, an interesting article, an inspiring quote, one of my blog posts, etc. I’m going to share ten things today! I’d love your feedback on this and what you’d hope to see more of here on the blog.

  1. I’m in the midst of a big closet clean out and I’ve been restocking it with tons of great Fall essentials, like tons of pieces from this post. Obviously for Fall, that means a lot of cozy sweaters.
  2. This Architectural Digest feature of Erin Wasson’s beautiful home was so inspiring. Look at the slideshow at the end!
  3. Still on the decor wave, I discovered this beautiful home decor Instagram account and immediately saved like four photos to my ‘Home’ section on Instagram.  For more home decor inspo, check out my Pinterest ‘Decor’ board.
  4. Currently eyeing this plaid blazer. I love easy, chic blazers for Fall!
  5. In need of new workout shoes and crushing on this pair and this pair.
  6. Popped into Ulta to grab some fake eyelashes. They’ll put them on for free for you at the Benefit Bar if you buy them there! I’m currently using this serum to help mine grow out after I had to stop getting my eyelash extensions.
  7. I stopped by a Victoria’s Secret event on Tuesday. Turns out, I was wearing an entire cup size too small. They do free bra fittings in store! I left with a few new goodies, including this bra. I’ve worn it the past few days and must say it’s so comfortable and wearing the correct size makes all the difference! It comes in 31 colors.
  8. This Harper’s Bazaar round up got me extra excited for Fall.
  9. Ordered this Whole 30 approved almond sauce and used it in a recipe I’ll be sharing soon. It’s so good and saved me a lot of time!
  10. We’re looking for a new coffee table to give our living room a fresh feel. Loving this one and this one.

We don’t have too many plans this weekend, which I’m looking forward to. I have a few errands to run and am shooting a lot on Sunday, but otherwise I plan to relax, clean, and cook. Plus, catch up on sleep or maybe attempt to get a tan back on this bod. My Apple watch tells me my seven day sleep average and its oh so sad seeing it now that I’m back at work compared to the summer. Whatever your weekend plans are, I hope you have a fabulous one! XO


My Wishlist

  1. 8.17.18

    I can’t believe it’s the end of summer already… my favourite season! 🙁 Now I have to wait one whole year again!
    Love the links! Added them to my reading list. ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 8.17.18

    Great selection here.


  3. 8.21.18
    briana said:

    I’m all about white booties right now! I’m obsessed!


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