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Hiiiiii friends. Happy Friday! This week, I’ve decided to answer some FAQs that I’ve been getting via e-mail, comments, or dms as a way for you to get to know me a little more than what is on my ‘About Me‘ page. Feel free to send me any you have that I didn’t answer and I’ll do another FAQ post, soon.

what is a school psychologist?

I get this one a lot because this is my day job. Basically, a School Psychologist is someone who does psychological testing for emotional and behavioral challenges or learning disabilities students may have. I work primarily with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorders, emotional challenges such as depression or anxiety, and ADHD. I help teachers come up with interventions and strategies to work with students who may need a different approach to learning or just a few simple tweaks to help them be most successful.

How long have you and your fiancé been together?

Charles and I have been together a little over five years now. We got engaged about 6 months ago and are getting married July 1, 2017.

what does he do?

Charles is a Certified Public Account (CPA) who works in the audit department of a big accounting firm. January-March is their busiest time of year so he’s been working seven days a week and until midnight or even 1AM some days. He’s easily the hardest working person I know and rarely complains about it.

what kind of dog do you have?

Precious Maddie is a mutt. We rescued her last summer. When she was rescued her and her litter mates were found in an industrial park. The mom was back sporadically and the rescue place couldn’t catch her to help her find a ‘furever’ home. They saved all the puppies though, made sure they were all healthy, and then found them all homes. We did a DNA test that said Maddie is an American Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Lab Retriever, and Cattle Dog. She’s a little Heinz 57 baby and we’re obsessed. #adoptdontshop

What shape is your engagement ring?

My ring is an elongated radiant cut with two super skinny baguettes on each side.

is your hair real?

When people ask me this in real life sometimes they just reach out and grab it. Which is special. Haha. Yes, mine all mine. Naturally, this leads to asking who does it. Lucky me, my future sister-in-law, Jessica, is a hair dresser at Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas. She’s the best of the best. I basically say “whatever you think” when I go in and it always comes out amazing. You’ll never get a better haircut– or meet a cooler person.

How do you style it?

I currently use a curling iron + straightener. You can find my tutorial here.

where did you learn to cook?

I learned from my grandmother. My aunts, cousins, and I spent hours in her kitchen growing up. She started my foundation and interest in it, then I continued learning from family and just experimenting on my own.

What’s your  biggest insecurity?

This changes day-to-day. It’s always giving me motivation though! I’m not a fan of complaining about things and then making zero effort to change them. If I decide one day I am insecure about my arms, I up my arm workouts. If I think my legs are looking too muscular, I change up my workouts. This quote about insecurities always makes me happy: 

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

This changes often, too and there is no way I could choose just one. I think Olivia Palermo has great and consistent fashion. I love Blake Lively’s approach to fashion as well. Something Navy is my favorite big time blogger. I love Rocky Barnes for fitness inspo and I recently discovered Georgia Folwer for some great motivation, too. I love that Beyoncé can basically wear anything and I have major girl crushes on Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s effortless model style. I can always draw inspo from images of Bridget Bardot or Jackie O, too.

How do you pick out your outfits?

MOOD. I’m not wearing heels if I’m not in the mood and there is no way (unless I’m like, in a wedding) that I’m gonna be all glammed up if I’m not feeling it. I think fashion and what you wear is the best of way of expressing yourself and saying ‘this is me’ today. I also dress for what I’m doing that day. One of the things I love most about Dallas is you can be in one restaurant on a Saturday and see twenty different style vibes. Everyone dresses for what their day looks like. There are days I never change out of athleisure and there are others where you’ll find me in heels in the middle of the day. If I’m losing inspiration I may draw from those people above or Pinterest is one of my favorite places to get inspired. (PS follow me there if you aren’t already! I’m ‘pin’ obsessed)

How tall are you?

I am 5’6″ barefoot. You’ll often see me being about 5’10″+ because I’m a big fan of heels.

What color are your eyes?

Green! The color is so often not visible because I have squinty eyes.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I went to college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, then moved to Little Rock for graduate school. I moved back to Dallas five years ago.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?

Italy for the romance and the food. Rio for the sexiness and the people. NYC for the energy. Santa Barbara for sand meets wine meets nightlife. I also loved Argentina (Buenos Aires & Mendoza) for so the culture and easy going vibes.

What are your biggest pet peeves?

Lateness. When people cancel plans at the last minute without a good reason. People who don’t text back or are flaky. Poor grammar (below is my #1… it’s not that hard, people).

One related to blogging is the assumption that I am spoiled or have had things handed to me. This may end up it’s own post one day, but I completely supported myself through college. Even in high school, I worked over thirty hours a week so if I wanted something, I could help my mom with getting it. I worked full time in a store, as a waitress, or bartending in college while being a full time student. Then, I put myself through three years of graduate school while working not one, but two jobs. I have earned everything I have and I work my butt off for it all. I work full time during the day and blog in my spare time because I love it, it keeps me inspired, and it helps me forget about some of the extremely stressful parts of my day job. I try to just smile knowing people are wrong when they express these misconceptions to me, whether online or in person, but I’ll admit that sometimes its can be hard.

what’s your favorite food?

Pizza. Pasta. I also love queso and a good cheeseburger every now and then (current fav is Shake Shack because we finally got one in Dallas). Basically, all things with cheese.

What’s your favorite drink?

I really only drink water throughout the day. I have kombucha almost daily (GT’s Gingerberry or Triology are my favs). My fav cocktails are: red wine, rosé when it’s warm & I’m outside, champagne, or a moscow mule.

When is your birthday?

June 21. I am on the exact cusp of Gemini-Cancer and everyone laughs at me when I say I’m both but seriously some things say I am one and some say I’m the other. I guess that means there are three sides to me? (Might be accurate.)

What is your favorite season?

Fall for the weather (especially in Texas) and the fashion. Summer because I am off work for 2 months!

What is your biggest fear?

I don’t think I’m a very fearful person. Silly things like ending up alone one day, not being successful, etc. But I am terrified of images, video, or anything related to E.T. Ya, that so called “friendly” extra-terrestrial.


That’s all for now! Please feel free to keep them coming and I’ll save them and do another FAQ post, too. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I don’t have TOO many plans this weekend. An afternoon mani/pedi with a girlfriend after work tonight and then tomorrow lunch at a new spot I am thrilled to try with some girls. I’m shooting some new looks on Sunday, too. XO


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  1. 2.24.17
    Sara said:

    Such a fun idea and I loved learning more about you! And yes yes yes to #adoptdontshop – our youngest pup is a rescue and he’s the best dog ever! Happy Weekend!

    xo, Sara

  2. 2.24.17
    April said:

    So nice to get to know more about you! Congrats on your upcoming wedding too!

  3. 2.25.17
    Kelly said:

    I love Q&As and this reminds me I should do one soon – I love getting to know a bit more about you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. 2.26.17
    Kasey said:

    Such a fun post! It’s great learingin more about you!

  5. 2.27.17
    Stefanie said:

    i love this post- such a good idea! maybe we’ll meet up next time I’m in dallas!

  6. 2.27.17

    Fun post idea!! Is kombucha alcoholic?? I’ve heard of it and have NEVER tried it I don’t think!!

    Coming Up Roses

  7. 2.28.17
    Courtney said:

    This is such a good post! It’s a great way to let your readers get to know you better and who you are!

    The Dainty Darling

  8. 3.7.17
    Candace said:

    I am too a huge fan of Olivia Palermo! She just continues to slay!

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