Friday Favorites: Pizza and Wine

Happy Friday! My days are all out of whack because I had a five day weekend, but no complaints that another one is already here! Charles and I are in the middle of a Whole 30 and this is right around the time when you start really missing all the food you were eating before. For me, that is most commonly pizza and wine. It’s challenging at this time because you aren’t feeling all the amazing health benefits juuuust yet, as your still detoxing, switching energy sources over, and breaking habits.

One of our favorite Friday night traditions, is pizza and wine on the couch while binge watching a few episodes of whatever show we’re into at the moment. We seem to be most tired on Fridays after a long week, so if we do anything, its often just going out for dinner. For today’s Friday Favorites I wanted to pay tribute to our favorite weekend tradition, since we can’t really partake. I’ve rounded up all my favorite pizza and wine things. There’s everything from clothing to books and home decor! These would make great gifts or are just fun little things to get for yourself. Scroll to the bottom of this post to shop all my favorite pizza and wine items! Friday Favorites: Pizza and Wine

I got this sweatshirt custom made c/o of Bow and Drape. They have the freaking cutest stuff and I LOVE that you can basically put whatever you want on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or other product. I of course had to get Maddie something to match me! Hers says “Will sit for Pizza” and mine says “I want it all and I want it delivered.” Too perfect! They sell a ton of cute already made items for you, some of which I’ve linked below. I have another cute custom top I’ll be wearing around our wedding.. so stay tuned!!

I kind of also want to get a t-shirt made that says “Don’t Mess with the Dress” to wear when we fly to Italy for our wedding. I’ll be carrying my dress around with me like a baby and if anyone tries to make me put it away out of sight or messes with it in anyway, they will notttt be met by my pleasant side! Haha. Whatever your occasion, these make for the cutest little things to wear or gift.

Because I know I’ll get questions– the pizza I’m eating is from my (current) favorite place in Dallas, Cane Rosso. The honey bastard is the bommmb. Trust me. Anyone else change which restaurant has their favorite of something on the reg?! The wine is Macauley Vineyards and is one of my favorite red wines!

Anddd now, for all the fun pizza and wine stuff! As always, just click on any image below and you will be taken to the product page where you can shop that item.

Anddd now I’m drooling. I’m reminding myself that the next time I drink wine AND eat pizza I’ll be in Italy. Worth. The. Wait.

This weekend I’m hoping the weather cooperates with my plans to lay out and take some blog photos. Fingers crossed! Otherwise, I’ll be cooking, binging on the new season of House of Cards, catching up on thank you notes, cleaning (always), and scouting outfits for our honeymoon. Whatever your plans, enjoy! Have a slice of pizza and a glass of wine for me. XO


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