Friday Favorites: Swimwear

It’s swimsuit season. Dunn dun dunnnn. Put down the cookies, pick up your computer (or phone or tablet or whatever) and get to shopping. The irony is that I just finished eating pizza, am drinking wine, and having some dark chocolate as I type this. But, whatever. It’s coming whether we’re ready for it or not!

I don’t know about you, but I think I always realize swimsuit shopping time is here when I walk into Target and see all the swimsuits out. There have been years when I think “really?” because I can’t believe it’s already time. I’ll be headed to Palm Springs in a little over a month, so swimsuits are on my mind, which is why they are my topic for today’s Friday Favorites post.

To shop any of the swimsuits above, just click on the image! It will take you straight to that product’s page. When I shop for swimsuits online, I typically order two sizes and just send back what doesn’t work. I end up wearing a large in some brands and small in another, so it’s just easier to have some options and then to send back what doesn’t work. I haven’t bought a one piece before, but I think this is the year! No, not just because I’m about to turn thirty. Because they are CUTE. Like, really cute. I swear some of the one pieces now are sexier than bikinis. I have a really long torso so it may be a challenge finding the right ones, but I’m excited to switch it up a bit.

I have this Good Friday off work, so I am shooting in the morning, running errands, grabbing lunch with a friend, fitting in some yoga, etc. Lots to do, but I am thankful for a day off of work to do it all so that I can enjoy Saturday with my family. It’s Maddie’s first birthday and we have to paw-ty! Hope you all have an amazing Easter or Passover weekend with family and friends! XO

PS: If there is anything specific you want to see for my Friday Favorites posts, please reach out and let me know!


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