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Gift Guide for the beauty lover via A Lo Profile

Beauty is one of my favorite items to shop for whether its for myself or someone else. I love all beauty products and am always down to try something new! To help you all shop, I wanted to share my gift guide for the beauty lover today. Be sure you check out the first gift guide I shared last week including all of my wishlist items!

I’ve heard some people say they get nervous to buy makeup for others as a gift because they may not know which color(s) to choose. That is why palettes or gift sets that come with several options are so great! Also, lets not forget that someone can always exchange it for different options if whatever you choose doesn’t work! Products to help you relax such as a mask or new bath salt are perfect choices if you want to ensure it will work for someone. Who doesn’t need a night to unwind with a bath and a good face mask?

Below are my top picks for the beauty lover! This a great place to start for anyone who loves beauty products whether it’s skincare, makeup, or hair products. I love them all and love trying new things, so I always think new beauty products make a fun gift.


I’ve also made gift guides for the primper in your life broken down by category for you all. I’ve got one for skincare, makeup, and hair products or tools. These will cover anyone on your list!

I have the calming bath salts and am obsessed! The YSL perfume is one of my alltime favorite scents and is the one I wore on our wedding day. If you haven’t tried Tula yet, you’re missing out! I recommend it all constantly to you all because I absolutely love the results I see from this illuminating serum. Use code: ALOHOLIDAY for 20% off of your purchase on their site!


The Pore Professional primer, Bobbi Brown eyeliner, Laura Mercier setting powder, and YSL concealer are some of my MUST have makeup items. they are something that anyone can find a use for in their makeup bag and will be hooked on!


Last but not least, the hair! With long hair, I have to switch it up with my styling tools often so I don’t get bored. I don’t love a lot of products, but the ones I put on here are ones I actually do find myself coming back to time and time again!

I hope this helps you with some great ideas for the beauty lover in you life!! Or, find something really great for yourself to try out!

I am spending the weekend in Nashville with the girls, so be sure to follow along on Instagram! I have never been and am so excited to explore. If you have any recs, please send them my way. Hope you all have a great weekend! XO


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