Gift Guide for your Furry Friend

Gift Guide for your Furry friend via A Lo Profile

It’s finally Friday and that means I have another gift guide for you all today! Be sure to see My Wishlist collage here and four different collages for the beauty lover here.

Today, I am sharing my gift guide for your furry friend. I love spoiling my four legged bestie and if you are a puppy obsessed person like myself, then you’ll love so many of these! If you aren’t (what is wrong with you? ha kidding, kind of), but I’m sure you know someone who is, so they will love these gifts for your furry friend. All of these gifts are Maddie approved! In case you’re new to my site, Maddie is our sweet rescue pup who makes frequent appearances. These gifts are all things I would love to have for her! My mom brings a new toy or something over for Maddie every time she comes and I just love that she spoils her and spoiling her ourselves! She may even have her own personalized faux fur stocking to match ours. #dontjudge

To shop any of the items below, simply click on the photo of it and you’ll be taken to that product’s page.

There are just too many cute things available to gift your pup and I couldn’t include them all on one collage, so I’m including more for you below. Plus, buying a gift for your pup is kind of a gift for yourself because its either adorable (I really want a personalized faux fur dog bed for Maddie now, even though she doesn’t even use hers now) or it makes them so happy its just so fun to see!


If you have a mutt like we do and you’ve been curious as to what exactly your pup is, then a DNA test would be such a fun thing to do and to ‘gift’ you and your pup! It’s exciting to wait for the results, plus it can help you understand and get to know your dog better. Consider getting Royal Canin’s GHA Test. Using the latest science, the Royal Canin GHA Test scans your dog’s DNA, both for ancestry information and specific genetic markers. Your veterinarian can use this information to create a custom health and wellness plan based on your dog’s genetic code. You just have to visit your vet and process the results with them! This is a great gift for your loved ones or friends with a dog, and you can check to see if their vet is Royal Canin registered here.

Also, if you or someone you know is rescue obsessed like I am (#adoptdontshop) then this sweatshirt is perfect! Be sure to check out all of my top picks for your dog that I update regularly in my gift guide widget, which you can find here.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We have some family in town and are going to a Grateful Dead concert on Friday night, which should be fun. I’ll also inevitably be doing some work and running errands, but otherwise plan to finish this from-the-beginning The Office binge. If you have any recommendations for the next show we should watch, please let me know! The Crown comes back next week so I’m sure I’ll binge that in about a day or two. My Royal family obsession is at an all time high now that a Royal wedding is in the works! You better believe I’ll be taking the day off if it falls on a week day in May.

Have a fabulous Friday! XO

I partnered with Royal Canin recently and the mention of their DNA test in this post was sponsored by them. Sponsorships help make A Lo Profile possible. All opinions are of course, my own.


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