Gingham Isn’t Going Anywhere


I wrote earlier in the year about the gingham trend. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but it isn’t going anywhere for Summer. In fact, it only seems to be growing. There are so many ways to style gingham so I wanted to share my favorite ways to incorporate this trend, because gingham isn’t going anywhere. When I posted about gingham last, I talked about how it can often be a more preppy style, so I like to edge mine up a bit. It’s already too hot to add a leather jacket, so I like to wear mine with a touch of black or styled with a distressed denim. Today, I’m breaking down how you can add gingham into every part of your wardrobe and sharing my favorite pieces in each category. Scroll down to see the breakdown from tops and rompers to shoes and even swimwear. My weekend recap is at the & an exciting announcement are at the very end of the post, too.


First, lets start with what I’m wearing here. The gingham top. The top I’m wearing is amazing because not only is it gingham, it is off-the-shoulder, AND has a statement sleeve. Plus, it’s under $45! Another of my favorite trends this year! There are a ton of great top options from statement sleeve tops, to short sleeves, and even crop tops that are stealing my heart every time I log onto a new site to shop, inevitably spotting another one I want.



Statement bottoms can be tricky. Personally, I often prefer my statement bottoms in the form of a skirt or shorts. I think its because there is less fabric, so it may not be as overwhelming to this often solid, neutral loving girl. If you go for a bolder bottom, such as a maxi skirt, keep the rest of your outfit simple. You can pair a statement printed skirt with a t-shirt or other solid top. If you’re want to do some pattern play with gingham, I also vote to keep it subtle, like how as the back of this top merges gingham with plaid leaving the rest of the outfit simple. You could also add a floral printed scarf around your neck.

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Dresses + Rompers

Is there anything easier?! It’s an almost completed outfit for you. Throw on your little gingham dress with sneakers, wedges, or heels and you are good to go for so many occasions. Rompers are so easy to dress up or down, too. These would be perfect for date night, a wedding shower, or any other fun little event. I seriously want to grab a picnic basket and head out to watch the sunset with wine + cheese rightttt now looking at these adorable pieces! I love the idea of throwing on a little color (yup, me.. color, I said it. Spring & Summer are here!) with a dress or romper. Add a red heel, a bright yellow earring, or a hot pink lip to easily brighten up any of these outfits.



My shoe problem grows by the day and statement shoes are just too irresistible. I like to find trendy statement shoes, like gingham, at a good price. They may only last a season or two, so they aren’t something I tend to want to splurge on. Whether its sandals, sneakers, or wedges- there are just too many adorable options! A gingham statement shoe would add a fun little twist to my favorite outfit: jeans and a t-shirt.



Swimsuit season is here! What better way to rock your bikini bod this year than in a precious little gingham swimsuit? It’s so fun and festive! There are so many amazingly priced one and two piece suits that I can’t wait to get my hands on. The one piece pictured below with all the different colors?! Obsessed.



Finally, the easiest way to add a little trend to your wardrobe. If you’re unsure on how you feel about a trend or don’t often find yourself adding them into your outfits, accessories are a the perfect way to trial them. For all of you with a little fear of commitment, gingham accessories are for you! I love scarves tied around the neck, in your hair, or even on the handle of a black hand bag. A clutch or hand bag its self is a perfect way to add gingham into your outfit, too.



I hope all of you Mom’s out there had a great weekend and felt so loved and celebrated! Mother’s day is such a wonderful reminder of all that our Mom’s have done and continue to do for us. It also brings up feelings of loss for those who have lost a mother or women who have struggled with the loss of a baby. I think its definitely important to keep those mom’s in mind on Mother’s Day, too. We took my Mom out for brunch and then took care of a lot of wedding details. We got caught up on thank you notes, did our seating chart for our reception dinner, wrote out our ceremony script, and looked at timing details. Oh the joys of wedding planning! Especially when it’s International and you don’t have a planner. After that I got caught up on some blog work for the week ahead. I leave this coming Thursday for a fun girls weekend trip to Palm Springs and I have a busy week until then, so anything to get ahead will make the week less stressful.

Friday night we ordered pizza, drank wine, and watched the second season of Master of None on Netflix. Yup, we watched (almost) the whole season in one night. #noshame On Saturday, my mom and I went to my second wedding dress fitting at BB Lewisville, looked around for a dress for her, and picked out a veil for me. I had a shoot that afternoon, then Charles and I tried a new Italian restaurant in the Design District of Dallas called Sasseta. We finished our night off basically having a dance party in our living room as we made some potential playlists of songs for different events during our wedding weekend to share with our musicians. We may have had wayyy too much fun doing it!

One week from today, I’ll be starting a Whole 30 to clean up my diet before our wedding. I want to feel better and reset, but I also am dying for those clear skin benefits! I’ll have just returned from a long weekend trip and will finish just in time to celebrate my 30th birthday. When I looked at the calendar and realized there was a perfect thirty-day window between those two events, I felt like it was a sign. The exciting news is not that I’ll be conquering my eighth Whole 30, but that my fiancé will be doing it with me! He did it with me last January, but has not since. I can not even tell you guys how much easier it is to do with someone, especially when you live with them. There have been other times when I’m doing a Whole 30 and he is sitting on the couch eating pizza or ice cream next to me. This will make it so much easier to meal prep and stay on track! If you’re in need of a Whole 30, I’d love for you to join. This also means I’ll be sharing at least a few new Whole 30 recipes in the next month, which are way over due.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week gets off to a great start. Thanks for stopping by! XO


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