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Monday was an exciting day because we started the renovation of our hall bathroom with Rodi Custom Homes. You may have seen me share bits & pieces of it on Instagram, but I’ve been calling it big green. It’s an original 1950s bathroom that is floor to ceiling green. The tile, the paint, the floor– just about everything is green. We knew as soon as we saw the house that we would be gutting this space & we are so excited to finally get started. Today, I’m sharing our hall bathroom mood board & a bit more about the renovation.


This will be our first of two bathroom renovations in our house. We are starting with our hall bathroom or guest bath, because it’s the one we are currently using. The ensuite bathroom in our master is about half the size of our hall bath, so we haven’t really been using it. Since it’s our first home & it’s just us (+ Maddie) we have the flexibility to use spaces however we want. Hence, the Cloffice or Closet + Office. The hall bathroom is easily accessible from all parts of the house & you can see it from our formal living room, so redoing it was a priority for us. We won’t really need to prioritize redoing the other one for awhile because we have the flexibility to just use this one as needed unless we have company in town.


I shared an overall home mood board for our new home AKA A Lo Abode just before we moved in. For me, I refer back to this & additional saved photos when I want to feel inspired. I use it to look back & focus in on the specific details of each photo that made me inspired. When I’m shopping for something and wonder if it’s going to go with the overall vibe of our house, I can look at my mood board and help myself stay on track. I also love having mood boards as time goes on to be able to look back & see what inspired me at another time. My tastes and preferences definitely change over time & I like different vibes in different rooms, so making an overall mood board & then one for individual spaces is so not only useful, but fun for me!


If you follow along on Instagram stories, then you may have seen a story poll I did asking if you all liked a deep blue or black vanity better. Charles & I stumbled on a deep blue vanity with gold accents that really caught our eye. We kept coming back to it & then started wondering if we should change our original plans from doing a black vanity to doing a blue vanity. I immediately went back to my Pinterest board and realized that most of my saved bathrooms were black. I looked on my main home mood board & saw mostly black accents. We have a lot of black touches around our home, but no blue. We were wondering if blue might be a nice change because of this.


Below is the mood board for our bathroom remodel. These are all photos I found on Pinterest over the past several months and saved to the board for our Home inspo. I don’t have credit for them, but if you they are yours or you know the source, please let me know so I can properly credit!

Sharing some Guest Bathroom Inspo Pics that make up our Hall bathroom mood board for our renovation and my reasons why I make mood boards.

Does this help you get a visual of what our hall bathroom may look like?! It all gives me so much inspo for different reasons & it makes me SO excited for it to be finished. Our contractors told us it would be about two weeks. From there, I’ll get it all styled & then I will do a full blog post sharing the before & after photos. I’ll also be sharing a video tour!

I’m linking a few things we’ve already purchased for our bathroom below, without giving too much away just yet. XO



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  1. 5.15.19

    Love the mood board, looks like great things are coming up! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 5.16.19
    Julie said:

    Wow! I love the idea of a mood board AND the ideas you have for your bathroom remodel! Especially that tile!

    • 5.16.19
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much!! XO

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