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As promised, I’ll be sharing a full recap of the weekend and a roundup of my outfits from Palm Springs. I had to start with our house first! I got several messages asking about it when we were there and you all seemed to be just as blown away by our Homeaway house in Palm springs as we were. Seriously, can I live here?!

If you haven’t heard of this nifty little website, then you may have been under a rock for awhile and it’s time to come on outttt & get to traveling. Homeaway is a home rental service you can use while traveling and it is freaking awesome. I prefer to stay in homes or apartments in big groups because 1) you actually get to see everyone and spend time with them and 2) when you’re going somewhere for a few nights its so convenient to have all the amenities of a home. Whenever I go somewhere and know that I’ll be spending a ton of time where I’m staying, whether its for the pool or just relaxation, I LOVE having a kitchen to use. This makes it so much easier to make your own drinks and food during the day! Plus it ends up saving you a lot of money while traveling.

The easiest thing about booking with Homeaway is that you can go on their website and search by what amenities you want. We for sure wanted a pool in Palm Springs, so we only looked at houses with pools available. We also wanted to be sure we weren’t cramming in rooms, so having a large number of rooms (and bathrooms) to accommodate all eleven of us was important. You can also search by area, which is super helpful!

Another reason I loved renting a home is because you can search for what matches your style. We wanted something that was the perfect Palm Springs vibe and this house did not disappoint. To me, it’s so important to love where you are staying on your vacations, because it only adds to the experience. Whether you match where you book based on your own aesthetic (I tend to like more modern and clean over traditional) orr if you book based on where you are going. For example, Palm Springs is all about adding in color and the mid century modern vibe, so having a house that went with that made it all the more fun!

The final reason to use Homeaway is pricing. You can filter based on what you want to pay and can often find such a better deal with more amenities than what a hotel can offer.

Our house (see  more of it here) had 6 bedrooms that could sleep up to 16 people, 7 bathrooms, a pool, a hot tub, a grill, a fire pit, a mini putt putt course, a parking garage, and fully stocked kitchen. There was also an outdoor bar area that was so cute! Besides having a fully stocked kitchen, it had towels and all the tolietries we would have needed without having to call down to a desk and wait on them. Our house also had an insane view and was in such a nice neighborhood. This one also happened to be dog friendly, but sadly my pup was not with me on this trip. I realllyy need to find a way to get her to fly with me!!

Photos by Vanessa of The Retro Penguin

This post was brought to you in partnership with Homeaway. We chose our house based on our wants and needs and Homeaway gifted it to us for the weekend. As always, all opinions are my own. Partnerships like this help make A Lo Profile possible!


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