Friday Favorites: In-Flight Travel Essentials

Just a few days until we board an International flight to our wedding in Italy, followed by a few shorter flights (and train rides) throughout Italy and to Greece. Some of our guests attending our wedding have never been on such a long flight and have asked me things they need for the plane ride. That prompted me to share my in-flight travel essentials with all of you.

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I’m going to start at the top left and work my way around clockwise (for the most part). First things first, you’ll need your passport for a long flight and of course, a cute passport case to put it in. Charles was just gifted the most beautiful leather one with his initials on it! I definitely want one when I decide to what exactly I’ll be changing my name (losing my middle name and using my maiden vs. keeping my middle name and dropping my maiden.. decisions, decisions). Next up, entertainment. Hopefully, you can get in a good night’s sleep on the plane. Inevitably, you will have some time when you’re awake, so you’ll need to keep busy to pass the time. Luckily, wine is free and so are new release and some still in theatre movies usually, so that’s a nice form of entertainment. Having your own headphones is always a pro so you can be sure they are clean! I always like to pack a good book or two, especially when we’re beach bound. These are the two I’m taking with me on this trip: a classic that I’ve always wanted to read and a newer book I’ve heard again and again is great to provide perspective.

Next, you HAVE to take care of your skin on long travel days. The change in pressure and all the germs in the plane can really dry out your skin. I like to go in with no makeup on and my glasses ready to wear, so that I can cleanse and hydrate my skin throughout the flight. My number one face product these days is the Tula Illuminating Serum. I’m so obsessed! It just does wonders for my skin. Not pictured is the travel size collagen that I’ll be putting in some water on the plane, too and lip therapy I’ll no doubt be applying every hour I’m awake. This reminds me.. drink lots and lots of water. Like, a ton. You need to stay hydrated so you don’t swell up. I also love putting on a face mask during the flight and this SK-II one is the one I’ll be splurging on to use the week of my wedding. I’ll also be using these under eye masks and this under eye cream. My under eyes seem to get dehydrated and show signs of being tired the quickest, so I give them some extra TLC when flying. Also not pictured is my favorite hydrating spray. The smell alone makes me feel more refreshed! My hands always get dry and my hair gets a little greasy, too so some dry shampoo and hand lotion is another essential. I’m the queen of organization, so I like to keep all my beauty products, electronics, etc. separated in little cosmetic bags. This vacation one is obviously perfect for a big trip!

Following down the right side is the number one essential, always. Hand sanitizer. This gorgeous leather weekend bag is perfect for carrying all your goodies on. I also love this tote if you don’t need as much space. I already mentioned the headphones, but they not only serve for your entertainment, but also a shield should you find yourself seated next to a stranger who is a chatty Cathy. We always carry portable phone charges when we travel in my purse, because you never want to wind up lost without a charged phone. Adapters are also key in your carry on in case you find yourself caught in a layover somewhere and need to charge your phone, computer, or whatever else. This one is five-in-one so it’ll work anywhere!

I’m not always so pumped about the food choices when flying, so I always carry snacks. RX Bars are my number one on-the-go snack and I love the travel size portions of this granola, which is hands down my favorite. I’m the queen of freezing feet (and just always being cold in general) so I always make sure I have socks to put on. Otherwise, I’ll be miserable and won’t be able to sleep. These Happy Socks are so warm and come in so many cute prints. I know they give you pillows and blankets on long flights, buttt I prefer to bring my own. This little set is so easy and warm! Pinch makes the cutest little mini kits for all occasions from bachelorette parties to travel and this one is perfect for a long flight, hence the name of it. It has an eye mask, ear plugs, eye drops, and any other little thing you might need!

Last but not least, a bit of your travel size perfume of choice! I also always carry a travel size tooth brush and toothpaste with me in my bag when on flights. Gum and mouthwash are also super helpful!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything and will be set on Sunday for our long journey to Europe! If there is something you have to have in-flight when you’re travel that I didn’t include here I’d love to know. Hopefully this is helpful for the next time you find yourself flying internationally! XO



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