January Amazon Purchases

A new year & a new monthly series coming your way. Today, I’m kicking off a monthly Amazon roundup where I share everything I bought off of Amazon that month. I’ll even include items that go back + why so you can get a good idea of everything.

We have been Amazon Prime members on a family plan for years. We shop on Amazon weekly (or even, every other day). It makes little things SO much easier. If I run out of a product & don’t plan on running to a store that has it in the next day or two, I’ll just pull up Amazon & order it in a click with Prime & usually it arrives the next day. If you don’t have it, I find that it’s definitely worth it! We also get discounts at Whole Foods, access to TV shows & movies via Prime Video, music streaming, grocery delivery, & more.

Honestly, I feel like this is such a personal post. Looking into someone’s Amazon purchase history is like looking through their Netflix cue, their phone, or even their browsing history. Our relationship just went to the next level! Ha

Sharing my January Amazon purchases including a peak into what I bought on Amazon last month in every category from beauty to home to fashion & more.

January Amazon Purchases

Below are all of my January Amazon purchases broken down by category. There are tons of random purchases, per usual with Amazon, so I thought having them organized a little would help.


I buy so many beauty items on Amazon. If there is something I run by Walgreens or another store to pick up outside of my normal grocery runs, I find it’s just easier to order it online.

Blow Dry Brush: After months (or even a year?) of resisting, I finally pulled the trigger on this blow dry brush. It has over twenty-five-THOUSAND good reviews & is THE best selling beauty item on Amazon. You just can’t argue with that. I got it in & love it. I use it on low & it makes blow drying much easier & gives me better results!

White Strips: I’ve strayed from these a few times & I always come back because nothing works as well to whiten my teeth. I’ve seriously been using these for YEARS. They take off all the coffee & red wine stains & helped me get my teeth super white. Now, they help them stay that way. I use them as I feel I need them!


Getting a new pup has definitely made us up our pup purchases. Olive & Maddie are pretty spoiled, but I’m okay with that!

Busy Buddy Dog Toy: I got this because Olive loves puzzle games. You can put food or treats inside this (it holds a lot) & it slowly dispenses them as your dog pushes, tugs, & rolls it around to get the food out. It keeps them busy for so long & it helps them slow down if they are quick eaters! Both Olive & Maddie have loved playing with it so far.

Puzzle Dog Toy: Another pup toy. I got both of these after Olive pulled a book off of our book tower, took it outside, & ate it all. I figured she may need some more stimulation! You can hide treats in this & the dogs work to solve the ‘puzzle’ to get it out. Maddie is crazy food motivated, so she has so much fun doing this, too.

Dog Harness: If you all watch my Instagram stories, then you might have seen that Olive got out of her collar on her leash one day when I was walking her & it was a slight disaster. She doesn’t do so well on a leash, so a bunch of you suggested a harness & this one had the most recs & the best reviews. Plus, it’s only $15. It’s already helped with pulling when walking so much!


White LED light bulbs: I got these to replace the yellow-ish bulbs in the light fixture in my Cloffice because they were casting a weird light on my photos & videos. #bloggerproblems If you prefer natural, daylight like I do, then these are great!

SD Card Reader: A necessity for to transfer photos from my camera to my computer. I’ve been on a few trips where my old method wasn’t working & I finally pulled the trigger to get one of these before my next trip so I don’t get in a bind again. This one had the best reviews, which is why I chose it.

Mobile SD Card Reader: I figured if I was going in on the memory card readers, I should go all in. I grabbed this one to use to get photos from my camera to my phone to edit & post when on the go & I don’t have my computer with me.

Sharing my January Amazon purchases including a peak into what I bought on Amazon last month in every category from beauty to home to fashion & more.


I ordered a lot of clothes of Amazon this month to share in try ons & to style my favorites for you all. When shopping for clothes on Amazon, I always check the reviews for info on quality & fit!

Set of three workout tanks: Just over $20 for three tanks in three different colors. You can’t beat that deal! They have over 3,000 positive ratings. I got a size XS in the white, black, & grey combo. These didn’t fit me as well as others I have, so I think they are going back.

Long sleeve hoodie: This is such a great Lululemon dupe! It comes in seven different colors. I got a size XS in it.

Mesh back long sleeve top: This has such a cute mesh back detail. It comes in nine different colors & is only $18. I love the thumb holes on the sleeves & the tie detail in the back.

Tie knot tank: This looks just like a tank I have that was three times the price. This one comes in six different colors & is only $17. I got this one in a size XS. I love working out in things like this because I don’t feel too restricted.

Pocket Workout Leggings: These are ankle length workout pants with side pockets for holding your phone or keys. They have thousands of great reviews & are only $25. They come in eighteen colors or patterns. I got a size XS.

Tie Waist Dress: This light weight tie waist dress is so darn cute. It’s only $23 & comes in twenty-three colors. I got a size small in it. I love it so much that I ordered it in two colors. It’s become a bestseller & for good reason!

Crop Twist Tank: This cropped workout tank is a great dupe to one that I have that is four times the price. It’s perfect to pair with high waisted leggings for a cute workout or athleisure look, without having your whole stomach on display. It’s only $15 & comes in twelve colors. I got a size XS.

High Waisted Leggings: I got these in the camo print, but they come in fifteen colors. These are a best seller on Amazon with over four-thousand positive reviews. I got a size XS.

High Rise Yoga Pants: These come in several colors & you can order them in a set of two or three. They are only $25. I got a size XS. These are a great Beyond Yoga legging dupe! I think between these & the above I like the above better, but honestly they are both so great.

Boat Neck Sweater: I’ve heard this referred to as THE Amazon sweater this year. It comes in fifteen colors & is only $25. This looks so cute styled for work or for a casual look. It also looks great with shorts to transition into spring.

Sharing my January Amazon purchases including a peak into what I bought on Amazon last month in every category from beauty to home to fashion & more.


The Daily Stoic: I got this book to start doing morning meditations each day. I’ve used it every day since I got it in & I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a NY Times bestseller & is a short + sweet way to start your day off on the right foot. I can’t recommend it enough!

Stillness is the Key: This book is by the same offer as The Daily Stoic & is also a NY Times bestseller. It talks about all of the principles behind meditation & the importance of taking time to slow down to be still with our thoughts. I haven’t started it just yet, but can’t wait to after I finish what I’m currently reading.

I hope this was a fun look at my January Amazon purchase history. Let me know if you’d like to see or know more in the months to come! I’ll be saving try ons of all the clothes on the highlights of my Instagram under ‘stories.’ Until next month! XO


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    Thanks for sharing! Amazon is full of great gems. I just wish international shipping didn’t cost so much!

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