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If I had a Spring uniform, this might be it. For real, please let me live in this outfit. Until I find the perfect new pair of white (possibly distressed) denim, these ole faithfuls are getting me my white jean fix. I paired them with this silk cami that I could seriously live in, my favorite open bootie, and my new denim jacket. I have a denim moto style jacket that I have worn so much that the CPW (cost per wear) has to be one cent per wear by now. I decided it was time to add another one into the rotation to mix it up. I wanted a classic style and this one is great quality and the perfect shade in my opinion. These booties also come in black and have been selling out quick and coming in and out of stock, so I linked a few options for you all!

To give this a fun little touch, I added a leopard clutch. I love leopard and snakeskin for accessories, but I almost never wear clothing in this print, because I find it to be just too much. I like little pops of these animal prints for a little edge or a unique addition to my outfits. I styled this shirt as an all day lingerie look earlier this week, but wanted to show you all another way to style it. If you don’t own a classic silk cami in the main neutral colors, you NEED them in your wardrobe. You will get such good use out of them. I think that a white, nude, and black are essentials. I don’t see as many gray camis, but would love to find the perfect dove shade as well. I love them both with or without lace, although these days I seem to be leaning more towards the lace details. This one is a little bit of a splurge, but really, when would it go out of style?! It will be a piece you wear again and again for years to come so I think it’s worth every pretty penny.


I’ve celebrated birthdays the past two nights and have been a little out of my usual routine this week. Tuesday after work I had errands to run and blog photos to take before going to a pizza place for dinner with friends. Yesterday, I got another laser hair removal treatment at Novopelle and then went to a puppy birthday paw-ty! Dallas has an adorable bar + dog park with food, adult bevs, and puppy snacks called Mutts, so some of my girlfriends and I met there to celebrate one of their dog’s birthdays. It was oh so fun and cute! I love watching Maddie run around and play, so adding my friends and some wine to that only made it better. Maddie’s first birthday is coming up in the next few weeks and we definitely want to get back together there to celebrate. I know, I know.. we’re dog-obsessed dorks and all of you with actual children are rolling your eyes. But, whatever. She makes us oh so happy and she absolutely deserves her own little celebration.

I’ve got another quick shoot after work today for a cause I am so passionate about. Did you see my last one about animal rescue? I am really excited to be incorporating some more of my passions into this blog to share with you all. I believe we all need to give back in some way and I’m just so excited to share some of my favorite causes with you all! After my shoot today I MUST WORKOUT. Really. It’s been a busy week, but I need to fit it in because it just makes me feel so much better– both mentally and physically. Hope you all are having a productive and fun week! XO


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  1. 3.27.17
    Logan said:

    I love the sharp contrast of your all white outfit with the jean jacket and statement clutch! Also, you literally have hair goals.

    xo Logan

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