Let’s Talk Push Presents

I was honestly shocked after giving birth & sharing about my push presents at the number of people who asked: “What is a push present?” I thought it might be a Southern thing, like having a ridiculous amount of bridesmaids or saying ‘bless her heart,’ but it’s not. After having given birth (see Emmett’s birth story) I am forever a believe that these are a necessity. I figured it’d be easiest to dive in with a blog post so today, let’s talk push presents.

Let's talk push presents: sharing answers to your questions like what is a push present & what I received as my push presents.


Below we are diving into all of your questions like what is a push present, good ideas for them, & what I received as my push presents.


A push present is essentially a gift for ‘pushing’ out a baby. Traditionally, it is given by a husband to a wife or from anyone to the mother. Carrying a baby for over nine (let’s be real, it’s really ten if you make it full term) months is no walk in the park. Pregnancy affects everything from your body to your productivity to your sleep & beyond. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t nights that I looked over & felt a little irritated at the sight of my husband fast asleep as I got up to pee for the fourth time & struggled to get comfortable in a safe position to go back to sleep. Women go through a lot to bring life into this world from pregnancy, to the actual labor & delivery, to postpartum. A push present is a gift to say hey, thanks for all you did to grow, birth, & feed the new bundle of joy we’ve added to our family.

Let's talk push presents: sharing answers to your questions like what is a push present & what I received as my push presents.


A push present doesn’t have to be a huge gift. It’s truly the thought. I’ve heard of women getting everything from a new car to a nice piece of jewelry to a weekend getaway. Everyone’s situation is different, so I think what someone receives as a push present depends on that. Babies are obviously expensive, so something that is within your means is important!

I personally believe a push present should be something just for the mama. There are so many things for the home or the family that make wonderful gifts, but in this situation I think the whole point is that it’s a push present. The mother pushes out the baby, so the gift should be for her.

My personal favorite push present is jewelry. The reason I love this is because it’s something you can wear every day for years to remember this special time. You can get something that ties into your child (think birth stone, their name on jewelry, or something else meaningful) & you can even pass it on one day. There is nothing more timeless than jewelry! The beauty with jewelry is that you can find something in every price range, too. Whether you’re looking to spend $50 or $50,000 there is truly a beautiful piece for everyone.

Let's talk push presents: sharing answers to your questions like what is a push present & what I received as my push presents.


As I mentioned above, my favorite push present is jewelry, so it should come as no surprise that this is what I received as mine. Charles got me a beautiful diamond baguette bracelet that I had seen & loved a few months prior. I’ve never had a really nice bracelet before & this is something I will cherish forever. I could even pass it along to Emmett’s wife one day, which makes this new mama get a little teary eyed just thinking about.

In addition to the push present from Charles, I got myself a push present. A sort of celebration to the fact that I spent almost a year growing life inside of me. I made countless sacrifices to ensure his health & safety along the way. I spent hours meditating (see more on that here) to keep a calm environment for him & doing exercises to strengthen my mind & body for delivery. I did all I could to bring him safely into this world. As I write this, I am in the midst of postpartum dealing with hormones, breastfeeding, body changes, & everything else in between. Women go through A LOT to bring life into this world. It should be celebrated!

For my push present to myself, I went to Saffron Jewelry here in Dallas & worked with them to design the most amazing, sentimental ring. I wanted to do something related to Emmett’s name, but wanted something that felt a little more original & less trendy. I’ve seen & loved all the name or initial jewelry that people get for the kids, but that isn’t necessarily something I thought I’d be wearing for the next decade or beyond. I wanted something timeless that I could keep forever & pass on one day.

The team at Saffron helped me bring my vision to life with this gorgeous diamond crown ring as a nod to his middle name, which is King. Both of his names are family names which I talk about more here. Saffron jewelry can create anything custom including name rings, birthstone bands, or any other idea someone might have. They also can work with stones clients have from a family member if they want to keep the sentimental value, which I love. Saffron has a Dallas location, but they also have an online shop & you can work with them over the phone or virtually as well. Ask for Ashley, she’s incredible!

Let's talk push presents: sharing answers to your questions like what is a push present & what I received as my push presents.

Below I’m rounding up some jewelry in all price ranges that I think would make a beautiful push present for any mama in your life. For more on my favorite affordable jewelry brands, see this post.

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Hopefully this helps answer your what is a push present question & gives you all a better look at my two beautiful new pieces of jewelry that I will cherish forever in honor of the best thing that has ever happened to me. Clearly, a baby on its own is worth everything that you go through during pregnancy, delivery, & postpartum. A little jewelry never hurt anyone though! XO


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