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I could never own enough white tops. The simplest detail makes them all different in my  mind and I love the versatility of them. There is nothing more clean and fresh to me in the Spring and Summer months either. Sometimes I think to myself ‘you already have so many white tops’ when shopping, but if I can find something that makes it special or different, then I just go for it. I usually spill something on them and ruin them before they go out of style anyways, so they get good wear. I’m like the queen of getting highlighter on my white tops at work. This little white lace top stole my heart with the fun floral detailing, the off-the-shoulder silhouette, and just how down comfortable it is. I dressed it up here, but threw on shorts and flats with it, also. One great thing is that I can’t wear this to work (unless maybe I paired it with a pencil skirt and a jacket), so hopefully no highlighter attacks and ruins this beauty! I love it toooo much for that to happen.

When styling this top, I kept my denim on the dark side, because I love the contrast it gave to the white lace top and the red bag. If you needed to dress this up even more, you could do it with black skinny jeans or even a little mini skirt. I added in a classic quilted red bag and then matched my lip color to it. I love using a statement lip as a way to tie in a colorful accessories. Sunglasses or nail color are also a great ways to do this! I seem to never plan that far ahead with my nail color unless its a big event. If you don’t own a little red statement bag, snag one already. This exact one isn’t currently available but I’ve linked some very similar ones above/below under ‘Shop the Look.’ If you aren’t sure how those work, just click on an image and you’ll be taken straight to that product’s page where you can shop! SO easy. 


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Happy Friday Eve.. or in my case, today IS my Friday. We have a busy weekend ahead filled with traveling to Arkansas (our first road trip with our dog), engagement pictures, driving to my fiancé’s hometown, and having a party in our honor. I’ve been battling a cold/cough since early last week (yes, through my bachelorette weekend, too) and it still just won’t go away. I’m already looking forward to minimal plans and sleeping in next weekend after feeling sick for two weeks. This weekend will be so fun though! Whatever your plans, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! XO

Photos by Madison Kaitlin Photography


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  1. 4.8.17
    Kelly said:

    This top is gorgeous and I love your bag!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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