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You guyyyss. I’m sharing not one, but two activewear looks with you today. They both feature a fun trend I am seeing in athleisure and activewear. I’ve hopped on the train of this trend and am loving all the metallic workout gear available right now! Even if you have no real plans to workout and are just running errands in athleisure, or even binging on Netflix and snacks on the couch– no judgement. You can look cute in some sparkly new gear. I styled both of these looks with casual sneakers for coffee run or errand running looks! In addition to two athleisure looks, I’m sharing a round up of the cutest workout clothing with sparkly or metallic touches available right now! This way, you can sparkle as you sweat, or ‘glisten’ as us Southern girls like to say.

Sparkle as you sweat: Dallas blogger sharing two metallic activewear looks and a roundup of the cutest metallic and sparkly athleisure and workout gear. Click through to shop!

Remember my post about Fall trends? Metallic accents was one of my favorite trends. I mentioned before that I loved it not only in clothing, but also in home decor, so its only natural that it translated into activewear. If you’ve missed my recent blogs posts on activewear, be sure to check out my January favorites here and a round up of the cutest workout sneakers here. January and February are all about activewear for this girl, so I figure you all are probably in a similar boat and only shopping for all things comfy (and motivating) like me.

Below is a roundup of the cutest sparkly workout gear for you all to shop! Simply click on any of the photos and you’ll be taken right to that product’s page.


I just ordered another cute set from the options above. Any guesses which one?! I’ll be sharing it with you, soon. I get myself into trouble by rounding up so many options for you all, haha!

Does anyone else only like to buy workout clothing in sets?! I get so sad when I see a pair of leggings I love with no matching bra. If they go with a plain black bra or something then I may still grab them. However, I’d always prefer a set! I tried to only link to pieces above that come in a pair for all of you who are similar to me! I also included some pieces that are totally sparkly and others that just have a touch here and there. I love them ALL! I can only dream of a day when I could have an entire activewear closet like some celebs these days. I’ll settle for increasing the collection in my drawers for now!

Sparkle as you sweat: Dallas blogger sharing two metallic activewear looks and a roundup of the cutest metallic and sparkly athleisure and workout gear. Click through to shop!


What activewear trends are you loving right now?!

Yesterday was a MON-DAY. When I pulled up to work, I realized that my tire was basically flat. I was overdue for service on my car anyways so I figured this was a sign. I made an appointment to get it all looked at after work. I had to run by the bank on my lunch break and had a nonstop day at work! Afterwards, I dropped my car off to be serviced, had a friend drive me to a coffee shop down the road where I worked, had a meeting, and then came home to finish more work, plan outfits for a shoot this afternoon, and respond to blog e-mails. It was just a crazy non-stop day! Today will be no different either, but at least busy days go by quickly! Today marks two weeks until I’m off the Whole 30. I did the reintroduction period a long time ago, so I’ll be enjoy a big ole glass (or two) of red wine to celebrate. Hope your week got off to a good start! XO


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    Briana said:

    I love the multiple looks! Such great outfits to workout in and get some errands done!


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