Metallic Blush

I saw this dress and thought it was the perfect combination. I love the metallic blush color and any sort of t-shirt style dress is always a win in my book. I’m still a newbie when it comes to pinks so I added a little edge to this outfit with a snakeskin bootie and my fav round sunnies. These booties also come in black and tan and are seriously so comfortable. I can wear them all day and night and don’t even feel like I’m in heels. It was a little cooler this day, so I threw on a denim moto jacket.

This exact dress is running low in stock, so I’ve added some other blush color options for you below here:

Today I am taking full advantage of being off of work and am being really productive. I’m cleaning our whole apartment (even the baseboards.. what fun! ha), doing a ton of laundry, running errands, and probably taking down the Christmas tree. I know a lot of people like to leave their trees up for a while after the holiday, but I am so a ‘this is over, NEXT’ sort of girl. Since moving apartments there are inevitably some new things we need, so I am slowly trying to cross those off my list. I love moving because you get to clean things out and have what feels like a fresh start, but it seems there is always something that worked in the last place that no longer works in this one and some new things you need. We need a few bigger ticket items (like a leather chair for the living room and we’ve been needing new nightstands) but we’re doing it slow and steady! I’ll definitely be doing a home tour as we get it all finished, so stay tuned!


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  1. 12.28.16
    Shannon said:

    Absolutely love this look! The snakeskin booties were such a great pairing for this look!

    The Bexter Review

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much, Shannon. I just KEEP wearing them.

  2. 12.28.16
    Shannon said:

    Absolutely love this look! The snakeskin booties were such a great pairing with this look.

    Clothes & Quotes

  3. 12.28.16

    Die for those boots! SO SO good ma!

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      I do, too! XO

  4. 12.28.16
    Maggie said:

    Those boots are so glam!! I love them paired with the blush dress – looking perfect for NYE!


    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Maggie. I thought the metallic-style blush was such a fun combo!

  5. 12.28.16
    sarah lindner said:

    Obesssssed with those boots! Gorgeous
    Sarah Lindner

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, girl! They get SO much good wear.

  6. 12.28.16

    Dying over this! I would wear every single piece!
    And those booties…. NEEED them!

    xx, Jamie

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Thank you! They are such a good purchase. I want the black ones now, too!

  7. 12.29.16
    Kelssey Layton said:

    NEED these booties! I am loving the colors paired together in this look too!

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Girllll they give me LIFE.

  8. 12.29.16
    Jaime said:

    The snakeskin booties are the perfect way to “toughen up” this darling dress. This is so something I’d wear myself, I just love it!!

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Aw thank you Jaime!!

  9. 12.29.16
    meggan said:

    One of my fav colors!

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      I just keep coming back to blush! I’m usually SO not a pink girl but blush is my jammm.

  10. 12.29.16
    Candace said:

    The sunnies, the boots, the dress, THE EVERYTHING…SIMPLY AMAZING!



  11. 12.29.16
    Mollie said:

    Those snake skin boots are seriously fab!! You look gorgeous!

    xx Mollie

    • 1.4.17
      Lauren said:

      Mollie! You are too sweet. XO

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