Mini Egg Frittatas

I’m alllll about easy breakfasts during the week. Whatever I can grab as I’m running out the door, or stop quickly and pick up, is basically what I eat. Since I am at the very beginning of a January Whole 30, I have had to give up my almond milk chai tea latte (it was loaded with sugar) and almost daily indulgence in a breakfast taco. I can make a Whole 30 version of a breakfast taco (stay tuned!) but not my latte and it’s been a ROUGH few days back at work without it. Especially after having two weeks off.

Success for the Whole 30 is all about planning ahead. So, I’ve planned to make my breakfasts quick and easy so I can grab them as I head out the door. That is why these mini egg frittatas are so perfect. They are like mini egg muffins that have protein and can be loaded with tons of veggies. Plus, you can customize them based on your favorite veggies and proteins and they are insanely easy to make. I’m sharing the recipe below, along with a little extra Whole 30 inspiration. I’ve joined internet forces with a group of  bloggers who are all doing the Whole 30 and are sharing, tips, tricks, and recipes. I’ve included all of their blogs below! Be sure to follow along and if you’re doing a Whole 30 use our hashtag: #Whole30Jan so we can follow along. And as always, be sure to reach out with any questions. I’m happy to help!

Get the recipe for these mini egg frittatas, as well as all my Whole 30 blogger friends, at the end of the post!


  • Olive Oil/Coconut Oil Spray
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 10 large, organic eggs
  • 3/4 cup chopped bell peppers
  • 3/4 cup chopped broccoli
  • 3/4 cup chopped onions
  • salt+pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Spray a non-stick muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray.
  3. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add chopped veggies and cook until soft (about 5-7 minutes).
  4. Place 1 Tablespoon of veggies into each greased muffin cup.
  5. Whisk the eggs in a bowl with salt+pepper to taste. Then, pour the eggs over the veggies, leaving room at the top. (They will rise as they cook)
  6. Bake for about 25 minutes or until the egg has risen/puffed. A great test is by sticking a fork or toothpick in it and then pulling it out. If it’s clean, they are done!
  7. Run a knife around the edges to pop the frittatas out. Eat while hot.
  8. Store in an airtight container for up to five days. Reheat in microwave for 30 seconds before eating.

*More proteins to add: sausage, bacon, seasoned hamburger meat. More veggies to add: jalepenos, black olives, mushrooms, spinach, or any other of your favorites. And I of course like to eat mine with some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on top!

The amazing bloggers I’ve teamed up with are listed below. I’ll be sharing some of their posts during my weekly check ins throughout the Whole 30, too! Be sure to check them out. Remember, Whole 30 success is all about planning and keeping things interesting. These ladies will definitely serve as inspiration and be sure to check back here for weekly check-ins and more recipes.

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  1. 1.5.17

    This is one of my favorite recipes since it’s perfect for paleo too. Now you have me hungry and drooling!

  2. 1.5.17
    Ruthie Ridley said:

    Ok, these look too good and I can eat them!! Gonna try them next week!!!

  3. 1.5.17

    Love this idea! Having an easy breakfast on hand is such a big help.

  4. 1.5.17

    Yum! I’m so obsessed with these muffins – they’re perfect for the busy, on the go morning! xo

  5. 1.5.17

    OMG, so hungry!! These look amazing!

  6. 1.5.17
    Kayleigh said:

    How yummy are these?! The perfect bite!

  7. 1.5.17

    Whole 30 seems to be so popular right now!!! I want to try it but I’m vegetarian so I’d be able to eat like nothing haha!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

  8. 1.5.17
    Kasey said:

    OK I’m not an egg person, but they always look and smell so good! Maybe I’ll make these for my boyfriend!

  9. 1.5.17
    Greta said:

    Good luck with Whole 30! I’ve been wanting to try it and all you bloggers are inspiring me to do it!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  10. 1.6.17
    Maggie said:

    Will definitely have to try this!


  11. 1.6.17
    Maggie said:

    Looks so good! Will have to try it!


  12. 1.9.17

    I know what I want for breakfast tomorrow!!!

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