Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: why to shop it + tips via A Lo Profile.Happy (almost) Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017!! This is seriously the most wonderful time of the year for all you fashion lovers. This sale is so unique and is one that you CAN NOT miss. I am breaking down why you have to shop this sale, what early access even means & how to get it), plus some tips on the best way to shop!

I know all of your social media feeds will be blown up by this sale the second it starts and I apologize, but also don’t because it really is so freaking good. I wanted to go ahead and share some FAQs regarding the sale so you are fully prepped and ready to shop as soon as it starts!

What makes the Nordstrom Sale so special?

Instead of featuring items of the current season that are coming to an end, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is tons of items for the upcoming Fall season. You can stock up on everything from your favorite jeans, to booties, to even beauty products. Every day things you already use may go on sale, so it’s an amazing time to buy and save. You may think it’s crazy to buy a new moto jacket in July when its 100+ degrees outside, but come Fall, you will be so glad that you did. Some of your favorite every day essentials, including some pieces you can go ahead and wear now will also be on sale, so if you just can’t handle the thought of buying a jacket in July, no worries, there really are things for everyone.

Some of my favorite brands ever end up with amazing pieces on sale– everything from AG jeans, to Dolce Vita and Stuart Weitzman boots, to Rebecca Minkoff bags, and even YSL perfume.

What is early access + Why have a Nordstrom card?

Early access is for Nordstrom card holders. Previously, Nordstrom has offered both debit and credit card options. However, now I’m learning that it will only be credit cards going forward, but I’ll be looking into it more and letting you all know if something has changed because I definitely loved the debit card option. Don’t worry if you aren’t a Nordstrom card holder yet, you can go into the store and apply there to shop then!

Honestly, I’d say the Nordstrom sale early access is one of the biggest reasons to get a Nordstrom card, but it’s also great because you can earn Nordstrom notes when you shop so you’re getting rewards back. Another great perk is that you can easily make returns with the swipe of your card instead of having to hold on to receipts! SO much easier. Items on this sale sell out within 24-hours sometimes, so having first dibs on your top picks and sizes is important. If something you love does sell out, don’t become discouraged. People are constantly returning items or things are getting restocked, so just keep checking back. As I find items are restocked, I’ll share them with you all, too. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: why to shop it + tips via A Lo Profile.

When can I shop the sale?

If you are a Nordstrom card holder, you can shop the sale with early access starting today, July 13th. If you are not a card holder, then you can shop on July 21st when the sale opens to the public. The sale starts for each at 12:01 Pacific time, so set those alarms and get up to shop first thing! The sale ends on August 6th.

What can I do to prepare?

You can look at the Nordstrom preview catalog and start eyeing what you want. There are hundreds of pages of products once the sale goes live, so this is definitely helpful. Also, be sure to check back regularly to my site (and Instagram) because I’ll be updating content and sharing my top picks regularly. I’ll do the work for you and sort through all the products to pick out the best of the best and ensure that I’m sharing the best deals along with every day essentials and on-trend choices with you all!

What is the best way to shop the sale?

At home in your pajamas. Seriously. Nordstrom has one day shipping for those of you without a Nordstrom store near by, so you can have your picks in no time. They also have free returns so you can buy a ton of stuff, try on what you want at home, and send back what you don’t want. You won’t have to fight the crowds and you can be binge-watching Netflix with wine while shopping. If you do have a Nordstrom store nearby, then you can choose to pick up your available items in store! You don’t even have to go inside. Just call or text their number to let them know you are outside and they will bring everything! I know Dallas even offers same day delivery to your house using uber or favor or something magical. Another perk of online shopping? You can save your favorites for later so even if your size or color preference is gone, you can easily check back for updates! 

I am so excited to share all my top picks from the Nordstrom Sale with you all first thing tomorrow!

Be sure to check back on my page for updates regularly and see my dedicated Nordstrom Sale page here.

Happy Shopping! XO


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