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When it comes to fashion, I’m not afraid to skip out on trends if I’m not into them. Sometimes I may not like something initially, but will come around to it with time. One trend that falls under this category is active dresses. I used to not like them unless someone was playing tennis. However, now I think they are adorable for just running around for errands or for walks. Now that I am not working around a baby bump, I’ve been shopping for some active dresses to add into my wardrobe. I found so many cute ones so today I thought I’d share them with you all!


Below is a shoppable collage of active dresses. This means you can click on any of the photos & you’ll be taken right to that product’s page. There are activewear dress options in every price range & most come in several color options!

I think the mocha brown color one is so perfect for Fall! You also can’t go wrong with a black option. It’d be so cute to style with sneakers & a flannel tied around your waist. You can also layer a casual jacket over any of these! The Amazon one I found comes in so many colors.

If you’re looking to get a little more dressed up this fall, check out my rouund up of pre fall wedding guest dresses. Also, ICYMI, check out my July Amazon purchases that I rounded up for you all. If there is anything in particular you are shopping for that I can help with, please let me know. I am here to help however I can! XO


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