NSale 2021: Top Picks by Category

Happy Nordstrom Sale week! If you are a cardholder, this is the week you get to start shopping. You can check the exact date based on your Nordy Club level + get all the sale details here. I can shop the sale today, so I will be up bright & early at my Nordstrom grabbing all of my wishlist items. I’ll be trying pieces on & sharing my thoughts on them for you all in a blog post tomorrow or the next day & will also be sharing on IG Stories, so be sure to tune in there to see it all first! Today, I am sharing my NSale 2021 top picks by category. You can check out yesterday’s post for my top picks & what I think will sell out first here.

NSale 2021: Top Picks by Category

If you can shop today, I suggest adding to your cart & checking out ASAP. If it’s not open to you just yet, start a Nordstrom Sale 2021 wishlist on Nordstrom.com & add the items you want in the color/size you want. Then, when the sale goes live to your tier you can add all those items to your car & quickly check out! Pieces sell out fast (like sometimes while sitting in your cart) so being prepared is key. That is what I’m here to help you with!

I always go through my wardrobe before the sale & think about what items I really need. I narrow in on some categories, which is why I love to break down the sale into categories for you all. I’ve picked the best items based on style, price, & more for you below! You can shop by price via the Nordstrom Sale tab on my home page if that is more helpful.


Below is all of my top picks of women’s clothing broken down further by category. I am so excited about the clothing this year. There are so many new pieces & the only repeats I’ve seen are either wardrobe staples or pieces that sold out so fast last year & weren’t restocked.

Activewear Bottoms

Activewear Tops






Mini Dresses

Midi Dresses


Shirt Jackets

Loungewear Tops

Loungewear Bottoms







I’m rounding up all of the best of the best accessories broken down by category including bags, booties, jewelry, sneakers, & more. There are tons of great pieces in all price ranges included!

Activewear Accessories



Hats & Scarves


Sandals & Slippers

Sneakers & Flats



Stocking up on beauty is one of my fav things to do during the Nordstrom Sale, so of course beauty needs it’s own section in my NSale 2021 top picks by category post. I’m breaking it down even more into skincare, makeup, & haircare for you all.






You all know I love all things home (be sure to follow my home IG account if you aren’t already) so I am always so excited to look through what is on the NSale in the home category. I could not do a NSale 2021 top picks by category roundup without highlight the best of home. There are some seriously great pieces this year! This is also the first year I’m actually purchasing kids or baby items. There are so me good pieces, although I do wish there were more for me to stock up on before baby boy debuts. Regardless, I’m grabbing a few items & am so excited to share them!


Bed & Bath



Home Essentials




This is one of the few times a year that my husband Charles will shop. He’ll get a few staple pieces & he is set for most of the year. I found so many good pieces for guys! His favs are always activewear & jeans, but I was also super impressed with jackets & shoes this year. Per usual, I’ll force him to try on what I order for him & share it with you all soon.

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Bottoms

Men’s Shoes

Men’s Tops

I hope that shopping my NSale 2021 top picks by category was helpful for you all! You all know I love big things broken down to make it easier to navigate & what better way to do it than hyper-organized by category? Be sure to check out yesterday’s post with my top picks & items that I think will sell out quick. They are two simple, easy to shop collages with my top 15-ish items that are great to grab! Please let me know how I can help you shop the 2021 Nordstrom Sale. I am here for you all & love doing it! Stay tuned for styled looks featuring sale pieces I grab today, soon. XO


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