NSale In Stock Picks for Public Access

Tomorrow is the day! Or rather, tonight at 2AM, but who’s counting? Public access for the 2021 Nordstrom Sale is finally here. I am so excited for all of you who have not been able to shop yet! There are so many amazing pieces still in stock, so I thought today I would take some time to focus on NSale in stock picks for public access. This way, you all can get your wishlists ready & checkout ASAP when the sale goes live!


Below are all of my top NSale in stock picks for public access. The collages are all shoppable, so just click on any of the photos & you’ll be taken right to that product’s page. These are just my top picks across the board & there is SO much good stuff still in stock. My recommendation is to add to your wishlist so that when the sale goes live you are able to easily add it all to your bag & check out! Things sell quickly when the sale opens to the public. There are restocks though, so keep the item on your wishlist & you’ll be notified when it comes back.

For some styled looks, be sure to check out my 14 styled looks from my 1st round of 2021 NSale shopping. I also included a post on my top picks by category, all of my beauty picks, home picks, & men’s picks + styled looks on my husband, Charles!


So many of my favorite key clothing pieces from the sale are still in stock & available in multiple colors. There are of course other great pieces still in stock, but these were some favorites that I saw a wide variety of sizes available! See my top picks & what I think will sell out first  post for more of my favs, because a lot of those are available still in some colors & sizes.


I am so pleased with the stock of shoes this year! There are a few colorways or sizes that have sold out, but I’ve seen them come back a time or two already with returns or more inventory being added. I am eyeing the white sneakers in the nude color in my size to come back!


I love getting new everyday jewelry & sunnies on the sale. I was so happy to see that a few of my favorites were still in stock!


I stocked up on so many good beauty things this year! There are some great brands that I use every day included. My two top beauty picks are the GHD tools if you are in need of new hair tools. I love them so much. I chat more about all of my beauty favs in this post.

I hope this was helpful for you all! Get those wishlists ready for tomorrow. I have tons of content here on the blog & exclusive content in the LTK app to help you all shop. I hope you all get all the things you’ve been eyeing! If not, feel free to reach out & let me know. I can check some of the stock information I have to let you know if they are getting more of something in or eye the website for certain colors/sizes to be returned to help. XO


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