Our Baby Registry

I know that a lot of you are seasoned veterans when it comes to parenting & some of you are first time mamas to be like I am. I’ve had a few requests from the latter to share our baby registry! I also thought it would be great to share & have parents who have been there & done that weigh in on anything I may have missed or items that they just didn’t end up using & why! Obviously, every baby is different & every family is different. I’ve heard some parents share that something their first loved the second hated & vis versa. Regardless, I’m all for having all the info & being as prepared as possible so today, I am sharing our baby registry with you all.

Sharing everything on our baby registry broken down by category. Plus, the site we used to make registering super easy for us & our friends & family.

Our Baby Registry

I’m certain that all babies NEED are love, diapers, & a few outfits at first. However, a ton of items make parenting more convenient. I know my parents didn’t have a special bath tub or a snot sucker (ya, that is a thing) & I turned out just fine. Just because you don’t have to have something doesn’t mean it isn’t great to have & can make the world’s hardest job a little easier here & there.

Speaking of convenience, if you have not heard of Babylist, register there! A girlfriend told me about it & I am so very happy she did. It’s basically a one stop shop where you can add items from ANYwhere online to your registry so it’s all just in one easy to shop place. It also has options for shoppers to buy the exact item at different retailers. You can organize it by category, which I’ll also do below, & you can add a little bookmark on your browser to easily add items as your shopping around. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me! I wish this was sponsored, but it’s not, because I am their biggest fan. You can mark items as must haves & even do group gifts for bigger ticket items that people can chip in on. I am linking our Babylist registry if you just want to sort through it easily, but I am breaking down our baby registry by category below so you can see the item name & easily add it to your registry or buy it for yourself.


We chose the Eufy because it supposedly can’t be hacked, has a large screen, & a far range. I’m so excited to be able to use the tote organizer in a non-traditional diaper bag that I can use for years to come. I WILL find a way to remove that ridiculous warning tag on the baby bouncer. I don’t understand why you’d make something so aesthetically pleasing & then put a supposedly non-removable tag right by the baby’s head? I’m going to work on it or there will be some other solution so I don’t have to stare at it. I’m crazy, I know.


We test drove both the Uppababy stroller & the Nuna when deciding which to add to our registry. We both preferred how the Uppababy felt & the compatibility it has to be a double stroller + the storage. I also love all of the accessories it has, so we added those as well. I’ll do a full review on this once we have it & our little guy is here. We’ve also heard that the Doona is a MUST have! Charles’s friends who have kids told him this is the item they love most. It’s perfect for being on the go!


*UPDATE: If you’re unsure on pumps to get, see my post comparing the Elvie Pump vs. Elvie Stride. If I could go back, I’d skip the Spectra Pump & just get one of these. I also compared the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve.

When it comes to feeding, there is so much unknown. I’m going into it totally open minded to do whatever works best for mama & baby to ensure he is fed! I know babies may need to try several bottles to find what works, so we’re trying just a set of one & if he likes them we’ll get more of those or try others.



As far as diapers & creams go, I hear its all trial & error for each individual baby. I hear boys are totally different than girls & just like with everything else, keep an open mind! We did hear amazing things about the diaper pail.

Books & Toys

I’ve bought a few books on our own so far to fill bookshelves & need to look around for more! I feel like they don’t need too many toys early on, but that comes as they grow.

Nursery & Decor

We’ve heard so many great things about the SNOO, so while it’s a big splurge, we want to try it out! Knowing your baby is secure in it & can’t roll over will be a huge relief as first time parents. Plus, if it can help us all sleep through the night sooner then we are all for it! For all of our decor that we purchased to get our nursery in order, see our nursery design post. We’re trying to get this in order as much as possible on our own since so much has been back ordered the last year & it will feel like a big ‘to do’ checked off the list before baby. I know a lot of people register for nursery furniture, but we didn’t want to wait with all the shipping delays! I’ll share a full reveal when we finish it. Hopefully, in the next month or two!

Clothes & Accessories

A lot of the clothes I originally added already sold out by the time I went back through now to link them. I’ve bought quite a bit on my own, but know that babies wear so many outfits a day that it’s nice to have a ton on hand. I’ll probably add more closer to some of our showers! I’ve also heard the more you can get for newborns that zip or tie, the better. Too many snaps or buttons aren’t practical when you’re changing them so much throughout each day! I’m so excited for all the cute baby boy clothes though. I’m sure it’s no surprise that they are all neutral–along with everything else on our registry– but hey, he’s gotta be on brand! haha


I am currently updating this post at almost five months into parenthood. There are quite a few items that we have used SO much of that weren’t on our registry & items we are getting now that he is moving into a new stage of life. I wish we would have included these things on our original registry, so I wanted to make sure to come back & include them for all of you registering now. Some of these are small items, like gas drops, but when you buy them a few times a month it adds up & it would be nice to have had on our registry. Sometimes people want a gift that is $10 or so more to add into their gift to you so small, everyday things are perfect for that!

  • Tubby Todd All Over Ointment– this is magic. Cures baby acne, rashes, & any other random skin things babies inevitably get so quickly. One tub lasted us about three months, but I’d throw a few on your registry because you’ll use them!
  • Gas Drops– babies have immature digestive systems & end up with gas. Gas= fussiness, so do yourself a favor & have quite a few bottles of this on hand. We do a little before every feeding & it has helped SO much.
  • Stain Remover– this is absolute magic potion status stuff. We go through one every two weeks for the inevitable blow outs & spit up. I’ve even been using it on my stuff as needed because it seriously gets out any stain. Even if you’ve already washed something & a stain didn’t come out– put this on it, then it will. The GOAT.
  • Probiotics– this also helps with gas & is good for babies overall.
  • Wellements bundle- while you’re at it getting the above probiotics, add all of these little medicines on your list. You can get a newborn bundle or add the items individually. These are the cleanest little medicines great for all sorts of things that come up & they are just good to have on hand. We love their gripe water, too!
  • Vitamin D Drops– another must have.
  • Bumbo Seat– this is great to start using around 3-4 months to help baby learn to sit up on their own.
  • Slumber Pod– a must if you are going to travel with baby or do naps at someone’s house without blackout curtains. This pops up over a bassinet or crib so that it’s super dark & baby can get good sleep anywhere.
  • Play Gym– I looked forever for a play gym that I didn’t mind keeping out all day. You can customize the colors on this one, which is such a nice feature.
  • Jolly Jumper– we had this on Emmett’s Christmas list now that he is standing with assistance so he can get some energy out while we can get things done. We’re going to use it in our garage gym so we can exercise together!
  • Skiphop Activity Center– I was trying to avoid one of these because they are an eye sore, but these keep babies entertained for so long & are great to have. The toys on this one clip off so you can store them away if you don’t want to look at them or if you want to use this with other toys. We were going to get this one, but this Skiphop one is supposed to be amazing because of all the interactive toys.
  • Outdoor Swing– we were looking for a swing for Emmett & added this one to our registry. This one is a very popular one, but no surprise that I wanted something that was a little more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Joovy Walker– we’ll use this when he’s a little more mobile, but went ahead & added it to the Christmas list to have on hand. This is great to put toys on & let them move around.
  • Crawling Toy– we just got this toy that helps encourage crawling through three different stages & Emmett loves it! He’s so close & this toy is definitely helping.
  • Kyte Baby Sleep Sacks– these are my fav pajamas & onesies, so no surprise that we wanted some sleep sacks from here now that he is sleeping in them. Get a few because oh my gosh the drool is serious & you never know when a blowout might happen so with a few to rotate through you can always have a clean one.
  • Saline Drops– when baby inevitably gets sick you’ll need these to loosen the mucus & use with your electric snot sucker. They hate it, but it helps so much. We went through it quick when he was sick so I’d have a few bottles on hand.
  • Chest Rub– another sick day essential.
  • Vapor Drops– great to put in a diffuser for when they are sick. I use these at night when he’s not!
  • Vapor Bath Bombs– we used these in his bath each night when he was sick U& they were so helpful.
  • Bandana Bibs– we use these for bottle feeding, but also just any time he is awake now because of all the drool & spit up. We end up putting him in a few a day, so I’d stock up. Plus, it’s fun to match to their outfits! We have these, these, these, & these.
  • Tummy Time Book– We set this up for Emmett during tummy time. He loves the high contrast pictures & the pages make the crinkle sound which is so entertaining for him.
  • Tummy Time Toy– He loves looking at this & playing with it during tummy time.
  • Windi Gas Passers– gas happens & these helps. Weird, but they work.
  • Teething Toys– Emmett actually doesn’t care too much about pacifiers but LOVES teething toys right now. We like rotating through them, but this one seems to be his favorite. He also loves Sophie. We also have this one, this one, & this one.
  • Stroller/Car Seat Toys– we got this one, this one, & this one. He loves them!
  • Baby Einstein Activity Bar– we just got this for tummy time. Ugly, but easy to pull out from a cabinet & put right back up when he’s finished.
  • Wooden Activity Table– we got this for Emmett for Christmas, a so he’ll have it when he can start standing. It’s not an eye sore so it will be nice to have this to keep out for him to play with!
  • Bottle Soap– you can a lot of pump parts, bottles, etc with a baby & this stuff is great for getting all the milk residue!
  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles– these are our favorite bottles because they help limit any gas. There are more parts to clean, but they work great!

If you are a mama (or mama to be) & feel like I missed any must have items or there are items you would do more/less of, etc. I would love your feedback below! This way other mom’s can see what you all have to say below to reference. I’ll do a post later on about my top registry items & then once we use them I’ll do reviews on our must have items for each stage. I know every baby & family is different, but it’s been so helpful for me to look at what other people have loved when building our registry.

Don’t forget to check out our nursery design for what that will look like. I also have posts on our gender reveal, our pregnancy announcement, & my first trimester essentials in case you missed them! If there are any other posts related to baby you’d like to see, please let me know. XO


My Wishlist

  1. 3.22.21
    rabia said:

    hi! registry looks great! the only thing i’d recommend adding (or just having on hand) is an old fashioned thermometer – contactless thermometers aren’t as accurate with babies and i believe med professionals recommend taking a rectal temp when they’re little! the kinsa thermometer is a good one to have since it sends stats right to your phone!

  2. 3.22.21
    Jeanne D’Angelo said:

    Looks great! One thing I didn’t think of when I was a new mom was little baby gloves for when they are a newborn. Their nails are so sharp and it’s terrifying to trim them at first and they scratch themselves! I also had a little mini electric nail file that was easier than a nail trimmer. I also got so much use out of sleep sacks for when they get too big to be swaddled, a portable high chair for when you go to someone else’s house, my kids both loved sitting in a Bumbo floor seat before they could sit up on their own, and something I still use to this day is the little plastic basket you can put on top rack of dishwasher to wash all the little pacifiers, bottle parts, etc!

  3. 3.22.21
    Brittany Williams said:

    So many must have’s on your registry! I am a mom of four and I can tell you as far as clothes you will only want onesies, coveralls and footies!!! It’s always exciting to buy cute clothes but when they are little, honestly up through the first year they live in PJ’s! It is so much easier!! And only zip ones!! My faves are Kickee Pants zip footies and coveralls {coveralls completely once they start walking which for my baby boy was right at 12 months} and I also love Baby Breez!! They are amazing and have the fold over feet and hands so they truly work at every age because they are convertible! I know the cute shoes and clothes are so fun but I know with my first I had 3 tubs full of shoes and clothes they never even wore because it just wasn’t realistic! Little Pajama and Cozy’s also have some good ones and if you prefer more of an outfit style you can do PJ sets that kind of look like outfits! And none of my kids even wore shoes until they were pretty much walking and needed them! And for first shoes when they walk make sure they are soft sole! It helps them learn to grip and walk! I probably have pages of more info just from my three babies personally but this is definitely a big one!

  4. 3.22.21
    Laura said:

    I’ve gotta recommend some Tubby Todd products, especially their all over ointment! That stuff is a miracle worker. Also, check out Karrie Locher on IG. She has a “bringing home baby” and breastfeeding course and tons of helpful info/highlights on her IG page. I didnt have her info with my first but am preparing for my 2nd and have found it SO helpful ♡♡

  5. 3.23.21

    Sooo organised! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  6. 3.23.21
    Nikki said:

    Also a first time mom. I have a lot of the same stuff on my registry! Only thing I would mention is you can get your breast pump free through your insurance! I got my spectra through mine. ( I think I had to pay a little because the spectra is the best. But they have a ton that are totally covered) edgeparkbreastpumps.com

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