Our First Holiday Season as A Family of Five

I am so excited that this year is our first holiday season as a family of five! I think knowing that everything is a first for Emmett makes it so much more exciting. I’ve found myself wanting to make everything extra special. I know that he may not remember, but we will! I’m chatting more about some of the traditions I’m excited about in today’s post.

Sharing some of my favorite Christmas traditions that we plan to carry on during our first holiday season as a family of five.


For our first holiday season as a family of five, we are making sure that we implement some of our favorite holiday traditions from growing up. My family always did two trees, which we started doing last year. We have a flocked tree in our more formal living room & a green one in our family room. We always did more fun ornaments on our green tree growing up, but you all know I’ve still kept mine neutral! When Emmett is older we will get him a fun tree he can decorate how he wants in his room.

Each year on Christmas Eve on we would go to a candlelit church service, eat an amazing dinner, & then do one of my favorite traditions. Each year we would open one gift on Christmas Eve. We always got a new pair of pajamas to wear that night to sleep & then we’d keep them on through a lot of what we did the next morning. I always think it’s so cute to do matching pajamas as a family! We will definitely be doing that this year, but will wait until Christmas Eve to wear them. I found so many cute options at Walmart. I can’t wait to see Emmett in his! I clearly couldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to make the whole fam coordinate, so I got us some matching buffalo plaid outfits from Walmart in the mean time. I loved the white & black (neutrals, shocking), but they also have so many cute red options as well. If you are looking for coordinating outfits or PJs for your family this year, definitely check out Walmart. They have so many good options! I am rounding up some of my top picks at the bottom of this post. After we would open up our Christmas PJs, we would all watch It’s A Wonderful Life, which has always been one of my holiday favs because of the messaging in it.

On Christmas morning my family always woke up & did stockings & gifts from Santa, then ate breakfast, & opened up wrapped presents. I absolutely love to give gifts & love watching people open theirs! I’ve tried to stay ahead of wrapping this year & have been wrapping presents as they come in. Wrapping gifts is actually a hidden talent of mine & I love to have them under our trees. I try to coordinate our wrapping paper with our ornaments & other decor. I even have gifts wrapped for the dogs!

Sharing some of my favorite Christmas traditions that we plan to carry on during our first holiday season as a family of five.

I can’t wait to teach Emmett about some of our traditions as he gets older & come up with new ones on our own. I have so many amazing memories from my childhood centered around the holidays! I hope he looks back on these photos & even though he won’t remember his first holiday season, I hope they bring him joy knowing how excited we were to see things through his eyes!

After you grab your matching PJS or outfits from Walmart, don’t forget to cross off your Christmas shopping. They have gifts for legit everyone on your list. I am working on rounding up the best gift ideas & deals from Walmart to share with you all! In the mean time, check out my gift guides to help you shop. If there is anyone in particular you need help with, feel free to reach out. I am here to make the holidays as easy as possible!

I hope you all enjoyed reading a little bit more about my family Christmas traditions & hearing what we plan to carry forward through our first holiday season as a family of five. I’d also love to know some of your fav holiday traditions. Who knows, we may add it to ours going forward!  XO

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