Outdoor Games

Summer is in full swing & I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it. This season inevitably means more time outside, so I thought today would be a perfect chance to round up all of the best outdoor games for summer to share with you all. We love having fun things to do when people come over to hang, or even just to keep ourselves entertained aside from just watching my all time favorite TV shows, & games are a great way to do that!

Outdoor Games

Below are the cutest & most fun outdoor games for summer. Each image in the collage below is hyperlinked, so you can just click on any photo & you’ll be taken straight to that product’s page where you can shop. I’m also linking all of the game names below!

  1. Bowling Set: Who doesn’t love to bowl?! You can actually use this inside or outside. It would be so fun to buy two & use in a driveway to have a bowling match. You can also use one & keep score!
  2. Corn Hole: This is the set we have & we love it. You can flip it over & use the bags (with Xs & Os on top) to play tic-tac-toe, too. I loved this one because it’s not an eye sore if you leave it out all the time like we do.
  3. Kan Jam: This will probably be the next outdoor game we purchase, because Charles loves it. I want to spray paint the frisbees & the logo to make them a little more visually appealing. I’m crazy, I know.
  4. Giant Jenga: Is any game collection complete with out Jenga? I love having people write on these or you can color the ends to all mean something different when playing. I used to play colors associated with feelings with kids I did counseling with! You can also spray paint them all different colors if you want to make the whole set a little more fun. This set comes with a carrying bag.
  5. Ring Toss: This is such a cute ring toss set! This is a great game for all ages, too.
  6. Bocce Ball: I admit I need a major refresher on how to play, but I feel like this is the quintessential outdoor game for groups or families! This one is so cute & comes in a carrying case which makes it so easy to bring in & out as you play.
  7. Four Game Set: This set includes four games in one: volleyball, badminton, whiffle ball, & discs (or frisbees).
  8. Yard Dice: Who doesn’t love the endless games you can play with dice? These giant yard dice are perfect for outside. They come with a board to keep score & a carrying bag!
  9. Outdoor Darts: This dart kit has magnets & the board is made for outside. The board is double sided depending on what you want to play & it’s perfect to hang on any wall!
  10. Washer Toss: This game is so fun & this set was the cutest I found!
  11. Ladderball: We actually call this redneck golf, but regardless of what you call it, it’s such a fun game. I love this set! We are definitely adding this one to our collection of outdoor games.
  12. Extra Large Dominos: Who doesn’t love a good game of dominos?! Something about these being giant & made for outside makes them more fun in my opinion.
  13. Putting Green: I am definitely buying this for Charles soon! I think it’s so fun & what guy doesn’t love golf? I’m actually clueless on golf, but great at putt-putt, so this would be fun for me, too.
  14. Horseshoes: We used to always play horseshoes growing up a my grandmother’s house. Except, she lives on a ranch so we used actual horseshoes. While this may not be as authentic as my childhood way of playing, it’s still so fun & I loved this set!
  15. Waterproof Cards: This is such a great invention! Whether you’re just outside with hot hands, at the pool, or at the beach, I feel like everyone needs a deck of waterproof cards.
  16. Croquet: Croquet is another classic family or group outdoor game. I loved the style of this set!

I also found this giant connect four game that I thought was so fun! I want to spray paint the discs in colors to match our patio.

I hope you all loved seeing a roundup of the best & cutest outdoor games for summer in today’s post. Which is your favorite to play?! We play corn hole most often & I love the black & white set we have. Let me know what else you all are shopping for to help you be ready for & entertained during summer! XO


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    Ohh, these are so cute! The mini golf especially! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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