Oxblood Pumps

Wooo! Run, don’t walk (or just click) to grab these shoes quick. They are restocked and will SELL OUT for like the tenth time soon. These are a steal at under $100, so comfy, and so stinkin’ cute. I continually checked the site for a restock so I could buy them and now, two sell-outs later, they are back. This whole shoe line is adorable and at such great prices. I’m eyeing a few others! These earrings are another amazing restock. I love the mixed pair. They add a little edge to any outfit.

If you didn’t grab this jacket when I posted it on Instagram last week, it’s currently on sale and is a must. Its a super warm vegan-leather jacket that is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. I’m so glad I got it when it went on sale. This knot t-shirt is c/o Landry Kate but I found an almost exact version that I linked below, too. I love that it is long enough to wear with leggings, too. I kind of lived in it when I was at home this past weekend.

Andd now for a Whole 30 check in. If you started on January 2nd like I did, then woohoo– you are halfway through. If it’s your first, then this is the part when it gets GOOD. You’ve detoxed. You’re learning more about how to save time, meal prep, and read labels. And now, you’re feeling good. The benefits start kicking in. Not just the way you look or your clothes fit (or what the scale WILL say when you’re finished), but how your energy is steady throughout the day, your bloat is gone, your sleeping better, etc. The physical and mental benefits are finally happening and you are on the downward slope. Mentally, for me, this always makes it easier. You’ve got two weeks to go starting today! And you can keep anything up for two weeks. Hang in there, Whole 30 friends… you’re getting closer to the end. If you haven’t ever heard of the Whole 30.. you can read about my journey here. Feel free to reach out if you need any tips or help with starting your own!

To shop the look, click on any of the product images above and you will be taken directly to the site where you can shop the item.

PS: I had Monday off for MLK day. It was MAGICAL. One extra day to sleep in, recharge, meal prep, get some blog work done, run some errands, and clean was amazing. I can’t imagine how much more relaxed my weeks could be with a day off to get things done every week! A girl can dream, right? I’m excited to conquer the four day work week and hoping it is less crazy than my last one. Hope everyone who was off work enjoyed their time as much as I did! XO


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  1. 1.18.17

    Those shoes are fabulous! 😉 Great job on the Whole 30…keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. 1.19.17

    I love these lace up pumps! I have an almost identical pair and they really make a simple outfit POP! XooX Gorgeous, Love!

  3. 1.20.17
    Whitney said:

    This outfit is the perfect mix and so chic! Loving this jacket too!

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