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Bring it on, Monday. I’m sharing more on my ‘I got this’ mindset for this week at the end of this post, but for now, lets talk about the pajama top trend. When a trend combines both fashion and function, how can you resist? This one hasn’t slowed down since it first started becoming popular this time last year. With so many options available, I finally caved and found a way to embrace this trend and now, I’m a big fan. I’ve previously shared with you all my love for the lingerie style trend in this post and while this one is similar, the pajama top deserves a post all it’s own. Also, lets be real ladies, pajamas and lingerie are two different stories. Today I’m sharing with you all about the pajama top trend, what to look for when purchasing your own, how to style it so you don’t look like you legit rolled out of bed, and a round up of my favorite pajama tops available right now.

Pajama Top Trend via A Lo Profile


I feel like pajama tops were inevitable after the explosion of mule slides in the past year. I couldn’t go as far as buying any fur lined ones for public wear because they felt just too much like house shoes, but I am a big fan of the shoe. I love the effortless, relaxed look of a mule slide. The pajama top trend sort of follows suit with this idea. It can be chic, effortless, and cool.. just don’t take it too far. Most often you see pajama tops with some sort of contrast piping and a deeper opening at the top. They often have simple silhouettes and more relaxed fits.


When looking for a pajama top, I opt for my lux feeling fabrics. I leave the super worn cotton ones for at-home only. There are so many silk and faux-silk options that have the style of a pajama top, without making you question (or having to really read the description of the top) whether or not it is actually part of a pajama set. I love all the classic solid colors for pajama tops, but there are also some amazing prints available, too. Personally, I prepare the long sleeve ones, just because I have found many more that I think look less like actual PJs.


To avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed (in the bad way), add some glam. Whether you choose to do this with jewelry or heels, do something to dress it up. A red lip is also a great way to add a little glam to your look. Also, even out your proportions. I love the look of skinny jeans with a pajama top, because it keeps your look tailored. Baggy pants are just going to make your whole look sloppy. A pencil skirt, leather shorts, or even a good distressed pair of skinny jeans are great options for your pajama top. I think the matching pajama style co-ords are best left to the pros either on or alongside the runways, but if you do choose to go bold with a matching set, be sure to add some glam. You can also wear your top open with a blouse underneath to break up the set or layer a jacket over it. Again, keep in mind proportions and create balance. A long coat may look too much like a robe if not done right and a mule slide will likely dress down the look too much.

Pajama Top Trend via A Lo Profile

Let’s talk a little about my look. I kept it simple with a white pajama style top with black piping details and a deeper neck opening. This one was a little oversized on me, so I tied it up to keep it fun. For work, I’d wear it untied and slightly tucked in then switch it into this tied look for happy hour. This top is currently on sale and is such a steal! I’d wear it on the weekends to run errands with shorts and sneakers and then throw on heels for going out in. I also think it would be adorable with a leather mini skirt! For this look, I paired my PJ top with these amazing black skinny jeans that are also currently on sale! They live up to their name of the ‘Instasclupt’ skinny jean and hug in just the right places. They run true to size. The heels I have on come in like twenty colors, are a great price point, and are super comfortable. My bag is a classic black quilted one that never goes out of style. I kept my jewelry dainty, but layered. Perfect for everyday ease! To glam up my PJ top here I opted for heels. For an easy, instant-cool factor I added these classic round sunnies. I also think a red lip with this classic white and black look would have looked great!

There are so many pajama tops available right now. Some are amazing and done so right and others just aren’t. I’ve sorted through tons and tons of options for you all and rounded up my favorites for you below. Click any of the photos and you’ll be taken to that product’s page where you can shop!



Pajama Top Trend via A Lo Profile



I am so ready for this week. We were gone for about three weeks for our wedding and honeymoon in Italy and Greece. Then, once we got back I was oh so busy getting caught up for a day or two and then got sick. Its basically inevitable for me when I’ve been traveling out of the country for awhile, especially when I’ve been going nonstop for awhile. I know it’s my body’s way of forcing me to slow down. I don’t really like taking medicine, but sucked it up and took some over the counter medicine last week to feel better. When that wasn’t working, I finally got a Zpack. I think I had a sinus infection, but regardless, I’m finally feeling better.

I still am fighting the end of my cough and congestion, but hopefully its all gone in the next day or two. Because I was gone so long and then sick last week, I am so ready to get back to it. I’m so excited to get back in the gym this week, eat healthy, and be in a routine. Its a little hard for me to stick to a routine when I’m on Summer vacation, but I’m super eager for it this week! As hard as it is to take the time to rest when you feel like you have a lot to do, I appreciate the mindset it leaves me with. Now instead of dreading getting back to working out, I’m looking forward to it because I’ll feel up to it. Here’s to kicking Monday, and this whole week’s, butt! We got this!! XO


PS: I would love to know your thoughts on the pajama trend. Do you think it’s best kept to footwear? Are you going to try it and if so, how do you plan to style it? orrr are you just all together not for this trend?!


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