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Red hot jumpsuit via A Lo ProfileYou know that moment when you order something online, get it in, pull it out to try it on, and think ‘there’s no way.’ Well, this red hot jumpsuit was one of those. I was running out the door to the airport when it arrived, so I threw it in my bag anyways and hoped it worked for a night out during my trip to NYC. I was presently surprised when my friend zipped it right up. I instantly felt like I stood taller. I love jumpsuits for many reasons (see this post), but the flared leg on this one made me feel like I was a few inches taller (even more so than what my heels added) which I love. I’m definitely feeling like I need to add some more flares to my life, soon.Red hot jumpsuit via A Lo ProfileRed hot jumpsuit via A Lo ProfileRed hot jumpsuit via A Lo ProfileRed hot jumpsuit via A Lo ProfileRed hot jumpsuit via A Lo Profile

Thank you so much again to Pantene and Bloglovin’ for the most amazing trip. They sent a glam squad to our hotel to help us get ready for our night out. We each had someone to do our hair and makeup. It was SO nice to feel so pampered. Plus, my girlfriend and I almost never like our make up when we get it done and we both loved it! Check out my Instagram for their pages in case you are in NYC and need an awesome glam squad.Red hot jumpsuit via A Lo Profile

I ordered my usual size (2) in this jumpsuit, but I would probably have gone a size up next time. My girlfriend and I ate an amazing Italian dinner (more on that, soon) before heading out that night, so I was definitely full and would have liked even more breathing room. The best part about this jumpsuit? You can rent it. Yup! You can borrow this lil number that I got compliments on all night long. Get more details by clicking the link below.

Shop (or rent) the look here:


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  1. 6.14.16
    stephie said:

    You look like a show stopper. That little red number is smoking! Xo Stephie from http://www.therawedit.com

    • 6.15.16
      Lauren said:

      Thank you Stephie! XO

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