Samsung The Frame TV Review

“Where is your TV?” I get this question a lot. We have a TV front & center in our formal living room, it just doesn’t LOOK like one unless you’re actually watching it. This always reminds me of an episode of FRIENDS where Joey is talking to someone who says they don’t have a TV & he asks what all of their furniture is pointed at. Hilarious, but I digress. Towards the end of last year we pulled the trigger on ordering the Samsung The Frame TV. If you’re unfamiliar, I’ll beak it down more, but in a nutshell it’s a TV that looks like art when you aren’t watching it. Finally, form meets function. Today, I am sharing my Samsung The Frame TV Review and answering all of your questions about our art TV today including ‘Is the Samsung The Frame TV worth it?’ I’m getting in to what makes this TV so special, any downsides, price analysis, & more!

Sharing my honest Samsung The Frame TV Review including answers to FAQs like: Is the Samsung The Frame TV worth it? & if we'd recommend it & buy it again.

Samsung The Frame TV Review

I am answering all of your questions below in my Samsung The Frame TV review. This is my honest review of the TV that we purchased ourselves after six months of having it. I am providing this review simply to help all of you who have asked questions about the TV. Hopefully it’s helpful if you are on the fence about purchasing it!

What is The Frame Art TV?

The Frame Art TV is a television that hangs flush on your wall as a piece of art would. It has one very small ‘invisible’ (as in it’s clear) cord. We couldn’t hide ours because it is hung on a solid wood wall. (More on that below.)  It works as a television, but what makes it so special is that it also has an art mode. Basically, this TV is form meets function at it’s finest. I’m not sure about you all, but we often struggle with some home decor or design decisions because I am team I want it to look good and be aesthetically pleasing & Charles is more about how functional or practical it is. We often meet in the middle as we can & this TV is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their home style or aesthetic a priority, but still wants to enjoy the entertainment of a television.

How can you customize it?

You can pick from a few different color frames including black, wood, gold, & white to ensure it fits well with your home decor. You can easily buy new frames to switch it out as needed, so you aren’t necessarily stuck with one frame color forever.

You can also customize it with the art that you choose. They have different well known & little known art prints available. You can then customize by choosing no mat, a shadowbox mat, or a standard mat. You can choose the color of the mat, too. This gives you quite a few customization options to ensure that it fits perfectly in your space & that it can evolve with you as you move, you change where it is hung, or you change the decor in any given room.

There is a decent amount of art available when you purchase the TV, but you can also subscribe for a low monthly fee for additional art options from Samsung. You can also upload your own art, which is such a cool feature! We actually haven’t done this yet because I have quit a few photos I’ve taken on our travels framed & hung around the house, but love knowing that it is an option.

Is the TV always on?

You can totally turn the frame television off, but we prefer to leave it on art mode with a sensor, so it turns back on to art mode when we enter the room. This way it looks nice all the time when we are around it, but it’s saving energy when we aren’t in the room. I absolutely love this feature of it! It will be ‘off’ all night & as soon as I walk into the room in the morning to open the window shades the art mode comes on! Some asked if we had noticed an increase in our bill or anything since having it & the answer is no. The art mode doesn’t use a crazy amount of power. It’s a very subtle, almost matte filtered light that comes through, so it’s not super bright & using a lot of energy.

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Is the Samsung The Frame TV worth it?

Is it easy to Set up?

Yes! we actually ordered ours through Amazon & there was an option for in home set up. Two guys came in, unpacked it, hung it, & had it ready to go in about fifteen or twenty minutes. From there, we just set our preferences which was super easy to do & took just a few minutes.

How is the picture quality?

The picture quality on this is amazing. It is so clear & we’ve had no complaints about the quality of it, ever. I actually think it’s much better than a lot of other televisions! I’m not a pro when it comes to all of the technical terms of television picture, sound, etc. However, Charles does know more than me & he is really happy with it!

Is the Samsung The Frame TV worth it?

Personally, I think the Samsung the Frame TV is 100% worth it. I don’t plan to ever buy a normal television again. I always think of purchases in terms of cost per use & this one ends up being a great deal. We use it EVERY day whether we are watching TV or not. If you are buying a large piece of art & getting it framed, depending on what you order, you could end up spending this much just on a large piece of art for a space. So, you may as well get one that is multi-functional.

I think back to buying my own television when I was graduating college in 2009. I spent $1,000 on a 42 inch Vizio TV from Walmart with my graduation money. I still have this TV & we are currently using it on our back patio! This was just a TV that was a huge eyesore, was very heavy, & took up a lot of room. It’s awesome I still have it 11 years later & it works, but now you can get a 42 inch version of the Samsung The Frame TV for LESS. Crazy how times change, but this just really put it into perspective for me when looking at the cost.

We 100% will only be buying this sort of TV from now on. We are about to start our next renovation in our home & making an older garage conversion that is a second living space into a much more updated second living room or family room. Even though we have a TV we could use in this space that is fully functional, I’ll end up buying another Samsung The Frame TV for this space so it looks nice & isn’t an eye sore in the space! I can’t imagine us buying a ‘normal’ TV ever again. Why look at a big black ugly box if you don’t have to?!

What would you change?

One downside for us personally with the Frame TV is that there is any sort of cord. It really is the best possible option with a very skinny clear cord, but our TV is hung on a solid wood wall in our house (a sure tell of an old house, as this is not something you see often these days) so unless we pay for someone to come drill a hole down through the middle of the wall and then cover it back up, we do have a little bit of a cord showing. Again, its so minor & we covered it the best we could so it’s honestly barely noticeable. However, I do think a better bet would be some sort of bluetooth power capability. I’m sure it will come one day! For most people, this will not be an issue because you can just hide it in the wall as you would anything else. I’ll do this when we buy another one for our second living room space after we renovate that space & start decorating. We may get someone to come drill a little space one day, but with moving in to our house & having so many other projects, renovations, & decorating to do it just hasn’t been a huge priority yet.

The other ‘downside’ may be the sound for some. I think it’s fine & my husband is good with it, too. However, if you are a big sound buff, you may find that you’d prefer the sound with a sound bar or another sound system. If you can hide the sound bar either in a media cabinet, under it, or somewhere else I think that is a great solution. If you can’t, I feel like having a big eye sore sound bar under a TV is sort of going against what it’s meant to do. You do you, though!

Is the Samsung The Frame TV worth it?

Hopefully you all found my Samsung The Frame TV review helpful. If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to reach out! I am here to help however I can. I’ll have a full blog post up on our formal living room & dining room decor, soon. In the mean time, check out my other home posts: Cloffice Reveal, Guest Bedroom Reveal, Hall Bathroom Remodel, & Master Bedroom Reveal. XO


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