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Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileSantorini is as picturesque as you imagine. Around every corner you want to stop to take it all in (and take a photo). It is so serene and charming, it is no surprise that it is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Everything from the architecture to the food to the lifestyle is amazing. Our time in Santorini is truly the most relaxed and care free I think I’ve ever been. If Santorini isn’t high on your list of places to visit, move it there and use this as your Santorini travel guide.Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile


Santorini is made up of a few different towns. Fira is the island’s busy capital that overflows North into Firostefani and Imerovigli, which are a fifteen and thirty-minute walk, respectively. In addition to these three joined towns, OÍa is another of the main parts of the island. OÍa is where we stayed. It is a little quieter than some of the other areas and the most picturesque, if you ask me. We actually didn’t leave OÍa much, as all the restaurants we went to were close by. I’ll include some recommendations for you all outside of OÍa as well. If you only have one or two nights on the island, I’d just focus on that area. If you have a little longer to explore, then I definitely would! You can get form town to town by hiking along a trail that connects them, finding a cab or driver, or the most fun way in my opinion- a four wheeler. You’ll see ATVs all over the island and you can very affordably rent one for the duration of your stay. If you stick around OÍa, it’s extremely easy to walk around. In each of the towns, you park right on the edge and then walk around the main parts.Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileSantorini Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileSantorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile


Hotels in Santorini can be a splurge, but we spent so much time at our hotel that it was absolutely worth it! I also say go for one with a pool and some snacks, so you don’t have to leave all day if you don’t want to. There are so many great hotels, it was really hard to narrow them down! I think it would be hard to find one that isn’t amazing.

  • Ikies Traditional Houses: this is where we stayed in OÍa and I would absolutely recommend it. They have several different room options depending on what you’re wanting and each of them are amazing in their own way. The service there is phenomenal, as is the view and entire vibe of the hotel. I loved being off to the side of the town where we could look out over it all. Plus, it was an easy five minute walk into the main part of town. The breakfast served each morning was delicious, as were all the snacks we had. We were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a cheese board to watch the sunset with, which was so nice. I honestly think the view of the sunset here was perfect, because you get the whole view of the town with it. The pool is perfection as well!

In case you need some other options or don’t plan to stay in OÍa, the options below all come highly recommended as well.

  • Aenaon Villas: only seven rooms make up this boutique hotel, each of which have a private terrace. It is located in OÍa on the tallest and slimmest portion of the island.
  • Iconic Santorini: located in Imerovigli, this boutique hotel has won award after award for it’s service, traditional design, views, and hospitality.
  • Astra Suites: this gorgeous Imerovigli hotel has been named one of the top hotels in the world based on it’s reviews. They have an on site restaurant and an amazing pool, so you really won’t need to leave if you don’t want to.
  • Andronis: a 27-room hotel located in OÍa that is committed to service and wellness. Between the on site restaurant, the spa, the pool, and the views– I’m not sure what else you could need.

Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

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Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileSantorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile



The food here was amazing! I feel like this really says something since we had just left Italy after over a week between Rome, Florence, and Positano. Everything we had was so fresh, simple, and delicious. My favorites were of course, the authentic gyros, but I also loved all the octopus I had. The feta cheese there is on another level and so is the greek yogurt– I don’t even eat yogurt at home, so you know it’s good when I wanted it every day here. I stuck to white wine while on the island and I loved trying the different Greek wines!

  • Laokasti: we ate here our first night and everything was so amazing. It’s traditional Greek food and the waiters there are so helpful and passionate. I absolutely loved the laid back vibe! This place is a must.
  • Floga: we came for lunch one day and not only is the food delicious, but the view is insane. It only got better when donkeys casually strolled up and down the stairs multiple times during our lunch (see photo below).
  • Catch: this restaurant has an amazing rooftop view (would be great for sunset) and an awesome interior as well. We had sushi here and it was soo good we ordered more even though we weren’t hungry any more!
  • Kapari Wine Restaurant: this is a gorgeous fine dining restaurant serving up gourmet meals accompanied by great service and a perfect view.
  • Meltini: small plates in a quaint atmosphere. Make a reservation, as this spot is busy at all times of day and for good reason, everything is delicious.
  • Pito Gyros: classic, fast, and easy it doesn’t get any more traditional or delicious than these. The cat napping right outside as we ate our gyros only made it that much more authentic of an experience.
  • La Maltese: between the Buddah Bar located next door and the amazing view, this place has a perfect atmosphere and reportedly great food to go with it.
  • Avocado: I continually saw this restaurant recommended. We didn’t make it here this time, but its on the list for our next visit.
  • Argo Restaurant: this romantic restaurant is the perfect spot for dinner with a view. The shrimp pasta is repeatedly named as their best dish!

Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

  • Relax by the pool.
  • Watch the sunset: spoiler alert, it’s gorgeous, but I thought it was gorgeous everywhere in Greece. I preferred the view from our hotel looking out over the city, alone on our private balcony rather than in the insane crowd of people over by sunset point.
  • Go on a wine tour: try a scheduled one for a day or just go to one of the wineries on your own like Santos Wines or Argyros Wines. 
  • Take a cooking class.
  • Ride the ATV around the island.
  • Scuba dive.
  • Watch a movie outside at the CineKamari.
  • Take a boat (private or shared) around the island.

Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile


Santorini Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

  • High season is from April to October, with the highest being in July and August. Hotels will be most expensive at peak times. The island is still beautiful in the off season, and much more affordable, but the weather may not always be as pleasant and a lot of restaurants may not be open so you won’t get to fully experience the island.
  • The dress is casual on the island, although people did seem to be more dressed up in the evenings.
  • Stick to bottled water in Santorini. You can brush your teeth with the water, but don’t drink it from the tap.
  • The beaches in Santorini are located further down the hill from the towns and are typically covered with rocks, which get really hot in the Summer.

I can think of no place no romantic than Santorini. It was the perfect spot for a honeymoon and will be a wonderful place to return to for a vacation to relax in the future! Hopefully this guide helps you plan your trip (or has made you want to plan one). If you’ve been and have anything I should add to the list– please share! I’m always adding to my lists for my next visit. XO


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