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Savannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah is a gorgeous coastal city that has stunning parks, homes that occupy moss-lined streets, delicious Southern food, and a fun nightlife. I visited Savannah this summer in mid July for a bachelorette party. I went a day early on Thursday and stayed for a long weekend. I had been wanting to visit Savannah for such a long time and was so excited when it was decided on for a girls weekend. We had such a wonderful weekend and I’m dying to go back and visit (particularly in a cooler month)!  Keep reading for a recap of my trip this summer and my Savannah, Georgia travel guide including some recommendations from things we did or places we ate, as well as some to-dos that will definitely make my list next time.

We stayed in the most gorgeous home rental called the Dulin on York. You can either rent just a room or two (which we did the first night when just a few of us got in town early) or the entire home. We kept saying all weekend that we felt like we were back in our sorority house together in college. The house can sleep up to 18 and whether you’re going in a big group, small group, or just your significant other– this house is dreamy. It was in a perfect location and we could walk out to most places, which was so convenient.Savannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

If you’d rather stay in a hotel– my research shows the following to be your best bet:

There are so many amazing things to do to see Savannah. My favorite by far was walking throughout Forsyth Park (pictured above), the largest park in the historic district of Savannah. If you happen to be there on a Saturday, there is a farmer’s market that takes place in the park! One of the most famous features of the park is the fountain that sits on the North end. It is definitely an iconic image of Savannah and is so pretty to see in real life.Savannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah travel guide via A Lo ProfileSavannah travel guide and summer bachelorette trip recap via A Lo Profile featuring where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

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From Forsyth, we wandered on over a few blocks to Jones Street. This insanely beautiful moss-tree lined street is said to be one of the most charming streets in America. I agree. My friends and I couldn’t help but dream out loud what living in one of those beautiful, historic homes must be like.Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

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To better see Savannah, we took a trolley tour. I’m usually not one for organized sight-seeing with leaders– and I’ll be honest, this reminded me why. You had to take it all around and if you hopped on in the middle, you had a chance of having to stop, get off, wait for another trolly, and get back on another. AKA not my idea of fun. It’s a good way to see Savannah (especially when it’s extremely hot in the summer months.. even though it is still outside), but I’d rather do it by bike next time.Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

Another day we went out to Tybee Island, which is the closet beach to Savannah, about twenty minutes from downtown. I would definitely recommend this if the weather is permitting! It was such a cute little area. We all rented chairs and umbrellas and hung out on the beach for most of the day. One of the best parts was we had a party bus pick us up from our house and take us out to Tybee Island. This made it super fun and easy so no one had to drive or worry about getting cabs for such a big group.Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

A few other musts?

  • Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist: at least stroll by this gorgeous building on Lafayette Square. It’s been around since the 1700’s!
  • Chippewa Square: ever seen Forrest Gump? Well, this is where the bench that he was sitting on while waiting for the bus was located. The actual bench is gone, but hey.. it’s still fun to see. We also spotted THE most adorable couple dressed in their Sunday best taking a stroll here. I’ll just pretend it’s Forrest and Jenny.Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
  • City Market: an open-aired marketplace spread out over four blocks that has a variety of things to offer from boutiques to bars.
  • River Street: lined with bars and restaurants, this street is great to walk up and down day or night.
  • Wormsloe Historic Site: this mile-long road lined with trees leads to a plantation and is definitely an iconic image of Savannah. Even if you don’t know what this is called, you’ll definitely recognize it from pictures of Savannah. It’s seriously dreamy.

Anddd just in case you need a few extra to-dos: Mercer House Museum, Telfair Museum of Art, Fort-Pulaski National Monument, Owens-Thomas House

I won’t lie. I got overly excited for all the food on this trip. I had a Whole 30 looming and I went alllll out. Is there anything better than TRUE Southern comfort food? I think not.

  • Cafe M: I stopped in for a coffee, but I hear the food (particularly the breakfast sandwiches) is delicious too
  • Jazz’d Tapas Bar: the few of us who were in town early went here and had so much fun! I loved the live music, relaxed atmosphere, and all the food was delicious.
  • Pie Society: Great name and better pies. We picked up some quiches from here to have for breakfast at our house one morning and they were absolutely delicious.
  • Soho South Cafe: delicious spot with an eclectic, open atmosphere. We ate here before heading out of town on Sunday and I must admit, all the fried food goodness was very welcomed and enjoyed after a long weekend!Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
  • The Collins Quarter: great brunch or lunch spot with a fun atmosphere and a famously good bloody mary.
  • The Olde Pink House: you just MUST go here. Could there be a more perfect spot for a girls weekend? or a date night? or.. just because dinner? I say not. Everything was amazing and there was an incredible acappella singer going around the rooms who gives me goosebumps just thinking of her voice. We loved it here!Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile


    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile


  • Top Deck @ Cotton Sail: drinks & a pretty river viewSavannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
  • Treylor Park: EVERYthing we had here was delicious. Plus, it was super charming.
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
    Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile
  • Vinnie Van Go Gos: we picked up a bunch of pizzas and salads from here to have at our house one night while we were all getting ready. They were all delicious. This would be a perfect casual lunch or dinner spot.

Other recommendations:

  • B Matthews: brunch spot. The line can get long so go early!
  • Cotton & Rye: great spot known for classics like shrimp & grits or chicken with mac & cheese
  • Green Truck Pub: delicious bar food with a Southern twist
  • Leopold’s ice cream: a must! This famous ice cream shop has delicious flavors that tribute the Girl Scouts being founded in Savannah. Girlscout cookies + ice cream.. Need I say more?
  • Mrs. Wilkes dining room: a Savannah favorite with supposedly to-die-for fried chicken. It’s only open a few hours a day and make sure you bring cash.
  • Soho Cafe: great for brunchSavannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

One thing we laughed at was how quaint and charming Savannah was during the day, but how lively and even somewhat crazy the night life was. It was almost like two different feels to the city,  which made for fun days full of sight seeing and great nights out. I can’t help but laugh at some of the things we saw including so many bachelorette parties. We loved the Congress Social Club Bar (and the food truck serving hot dogs and hamburgers late night), Jen’s & Friends for martinis and dessert, Savannah Smiles to help you get your dueling piano bar fix, and Treehouse for dancing and lots of fun music.Savannah travel guide via A Lo Profile

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Have you been to Savannah and have any additional recommendations for my next trip? or are there any locals who have suggestions? Would love to know! I enjoyed my time in Savannah with my girl friends here so much and cannot wait to go back!

*Photos of me by Andrea Kinnear Photography. All others are my own.

Special shout out to all my friends for letting me photograph their food before they took bites. Y’all rock.


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  1. 11.10.16
    Anonymous said:

    I was lucky enough to be on this girls trip with Lauren and her review here is spot on!!! If you’re looking for a amemlrable weekend, this is the perfect recap and guide for Savannah! Let’s go back asap 😉

  2. 11.11.16
    Nina said:

    What a beautiful city! Definitely bookmarking your dining reservations after all those good food pics!

    xx Nina

  3. 11.11.16
    Zoe said:

    I’ve only been to Savannah once for a day and it really is gorgeous! I get so excited about the food on trips too. Love all your photos, thanks for sharing.

  4. 11.11.16
    Greta said:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah. Looks amazing!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  5. 11.11.16

    Your hair is absolute perfection!! Savannah looks so adorable too!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

  6. 11.12.16
    Laura said:

    I haven’t been to Savannah in years but need to go again. That rental house is beautiful!

  7. 11.12.16
    Jaime said:

    It’s been forever since visiting Savannah! Your pics are making me want to go back!!

  8. 11.12.16
    Whitney said:

    Savannah has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit! Your post is so helpful and informative! Such forgoes photos too.

  9. 11.13.16
    Stephanie Konkle said:

    I absolutely love Savannah!! I need to go back soon. Your photos are gorgeous!

    xO – Steph

  10. 11.13.16

    Such a beautiful city!

  11. 11.13.16
    Bailey said:

    Savannah looks so amazing! I definitely want to go here and check it out!

    Here’s The Skinny

  12. 11.14.16

    Absolutely love Savannah! One of my favorite places!



  13. 11.15.16
    Danielle said:

    You make Georgia look so nice. I’ve never been but from these pictures the city looks like such a lovely getaway. Oooooh gotta add it to my list of places to visit. BTW that red number on you is simply stunning!!!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

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