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I’ve seen so many great pieces of clothing in this lilac shade lately (like this mini skirt) and I have really been showing love for lilac this Spring. It reminds me of blush in that it’s such a light color that allows me to stay relatively understated while still branching out from white, grey, or black. Spring and Summer make me naturally gravitate towards more color in my often-neutral heavy wardrobe. I very rarely wear bright colors outside of my accessories (except I do love a good red, particularly in the Fall and Winter), so this jacket is the perfect subtle touch of color for me!

I styled this jacket here a few weeks ago, but wanted to show it paired with white jeans because I thought it gave it an even more fresh-feeling look. You could lighten it up even more by putting a nude, white, or grey cami underneath. This vegan leather moto jacket is one of my favorite purchases this year. I also have it in black! The quality for the price is sort of shocking. I love pieces like this because you’ll wear them so many times, year after year. This brand also makes some amazing suede jackets in a ton of gorgeous colors.

These chokers come as a set and are such a fun subtle way to add some Spring touches to any outfit. It’s a white beaded, gray beaded, and gold + turquoise necklace. They are all separate so you can wear them all together or on their own. I’ve combined one or two of them with other chokers or longer necklaces before, too. I love necklaces like this because it allows me to continuously wear them in different ways.


I caught up on all my Sunday tv shows last night. I started watching 13 Reasons Why on Sunday and couldn’t stop so I left my shows for Monday. Is anyone else sad to see GIRLS come to an end? There were definitely some episodes that left me thinking “what the..?” or “ughh Hannah get over it” throughout the series, but overall I enjoyed it. Marni is one of my fav characters because of her complexity and Allison Williams is just amazing as her. I sort of died of happiness when she started singing ‘Fast Car’ in the finale, although overall I was kinda disappointed with it and didn’t feel like it gave the entire show justice or let each character tie up their loose ends enough. I also caught up on The Arrangement (I’m slightly addicted even though its borderline over-the-top intense at times) and Keeping Up With The Kardashians (duh). I even stayed up a littttle later than planned squeezing in another episode of 13 Reasons Why. It’s just SO good. I also am really interested to see how it all turns out given that I work with adolescents and in the mental health field. I’m always a fan of psychological thriller type shows/movies and think this one will be a topic of conversation at my day job.

I thought last week was my first five day work week in a few weeks, but I forgot I had Friday off.. so this week really is. I’m mentally prepped and have my caffeine ready. Hope you all have an amazing week! XO


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