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Workwear six ways via A Lo ProfileI’m taking a little break from my Wedding Wednesday series until next week, but in the mean time I am bringing you Workwear Wednesday and sharing six workwear outfit ideas. I’ll be doing a series like this in the months to come following all my wedding coverage, so this will be a nice preview. The best parts about today’s post is that it includes some of my favorite blogging babes and the majority of what each of us is wearing is a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! See my other top picks from the sale hereWorkwear six ways via A Lo Profile

Workwear six ways via A Lo Profile

I’m going to share a little about each of the girls and their outfits first and then share mine at the end. Be sure to read all the way through so you can see Workwear Wednesday six ways. We know that everyone’s office has a different dress code and everyone has different styles, so we wanted to represent something for everyone! I also have tips for what you can do to prep for public access of the Nordstrom Sale if you haven’t been able to shop it yet AKA aren’t a Nordstrom cardholder.

Christina from Fashion and Frills

Christina is polished and likes to make a statement. She has such a great way of combining colors and patterns! I love how bold, yet always chic. Christina is one of the most cheerful and polite people I have ever met. She is hilarious, too and always keeps us laughing.


Amanda from The Miller Affect

Amanda has such a refined, tailored style. She can pull off anything on her model-type body. Amanda is so welcoming, helpful, and loves bringing like-minded women together. She exemplifies a boss babe and her success is a testament of all of her constant hard work and sacrifice. Amanda helps keep us all motivated and celebrating the small successes. Amanda is 5’11” so this dress might be a little longer on most of you.


Brooke from One Small Blonde

Brooke has a simple yet sophisticated style. I often find that we have similar pieces in our closets, as we may gravitate more towards more neutral pieces that you can wear multiple ways. Brooke is an entrepreneur at heart and has such a wealth of knowledge to share. Brooke opens up a layer at a time and reminds us all the importance of attention to detail.


Natalie from The Fashion Hour

First things first, is Natalie not the cutest pregnant women you’ve ever seen? I meannn. No, she did not stuff a basketball up that adorable dress. It’s just the most adorable baby bump! Natalie has such a sweet and calm temperament. She’s my fellow dual-role girl in that she has a full time job in addition to her blog like I currently do. Her style is effortlessly cool. Natalie does such a great job of giving everyone perspective, keeping everyone positive, and just being a little ray of sunshine in all of our lives.


Lynlee from Gal About Town

Lynlee’s style is bright and fun, just like she is. Lynlee does such a great job of putting herself out there, getting to know new people, and including everyone. Lynlee has a huge heart and it shows in her love for her fur-baby, who happens to be my pup’s bff. Lynlee keeps our whole group on track and realizing that there is so much more to life outside the world of social media, which I adore about her.


Lynlee and I are actually wearing the same top, but in different colors/patterns. I also just bought a vegan leather version of the skirt she has on and can’t wait to share it with you all, soon as it’s such a fun silhouette.

Last but not least, my outfit. You know by now that the my style is classic with a bit of an edge. I’m lucky enough that my work is pretty casual, so even wearing heels with my outfit like this would be dressed up for the school setting. I wear heels all the time to work even though I don’t necessarily have to, just because I love them. I styled my look with a fun pearl statement earring to give it a little bit of a fun twist. The black skinny jeans I am wearing are like magic. No, really they are called the instasculpt skinny jean and that is just what they do! Plus, the are super comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch.



I’d love to know which look is your favorite or how you may style any of the pieces for work! You can definitely use this as a guide to stocking up your workwear closet guilt free since almost everything seen is on sale. If you aren’t a Nordstrom cardholder and haven’t been able to shop the sale yet, no worries! I have a few tips for you to make sure you get what you want when the sale goes public.

First things first, if you’ve seen something that you love sell out, don’t panic! They have more stock in the back just waiting to be released when the sale goes public. My recommendation is to go ahead and preview the sale here and then form a wishlist. If you click on any item,  you’ll see right under “Add to Bag” a button that says “Add to Wishlist.” It will have you pick a size first so select your size, or if your size is sold out then just pick another one. Then, it will add it to your wishlist (make sure you are signed in!). From there, you can view your wishlist and update sizes or colors as needed. Then, when the sale goes live at 2AM CST on Friday, you can easily see all your picks, adjust as needed, and add them to your bag. It will take you much less time to get your purchase complete so you can go back to sleep! Feel free to reach out if you need any help with making a wishlist or prepping for public access to the sale. I’m here to help however I can! XO

Photos by Vanessa from The Retro Penguin


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